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2,400 rev hesitation. Sorted!

So – to recap the story so far:

Driving at a steady 2,400 revs my engine was not happy – stuttering and surging. We’d tried:
· Changing the HT north of the coil including the distributor cap and rotor arm
· Changing the entire DME
· Changing the air mass meter
· A variety of mixture settings
· Looking for electrical shorts and faults
· Cleaning the injectors
all to no avail.

So massive kudos to Richard Bernau of this list, for suggesting to try a 911chips chip. This I did and the car is transformed! No more stuttering, and as a result of the chip, (and probably all the cumulated previous parts and tuning put in to solve the problem) the car is now going like a train. I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to have a healthy 3.2 Carrera after all this time. It’s so smooth, seems to go better at all revs, is generally better everywhere. The chip that did the trick is one specifically mapped for 98 Ron unleaded.

My own pet theory is that the move from leaded to LRP has a part to play in all this – I had no trouble before the four star ran out, and things were getting progressively worse. The combination of no leaded petrol and the mapping in the OE chip seem to have been combined to cause the problem. Doubtless there are experts out there who will tell me this is not true - but they couldn’t diagnose the problem, either.

So – for all of you (and there have been more than one or two who have had this trouble) get rid of your OE mapped chip, surf on over to and enjoy!

Don’t email tomorrow - I’ll not be in. (Gone for a drive!)


Colin Harper



the Carrera "Bog" "Lag" etc becomes a memory with a 911chips chip. Better mid level throttle response. Usability thoughout the rev range.
1987 Diamond Blue Cabriolet


I have an 89, Dansk pre muff w/dual out muffler. SW chip
IMPO.... the benefits from a aftermarket exhaust are worth
the money, especially with a SW chip.




It always amazes me when I convert from the factory chip to your chip. Simply a tremendous, dramatic, difference. The car runs much smoother and quieter with great low-end torque. The car just spins up to speed so much faster.

Also, my mileage changed from 14/16 to 18/22. I did however change out the aftermarket O2 sensor to a factory O2 sensor, and I think I had the old sensor wired wrong, so, this may also have helped the mileage improvement.

Anyways, just wanted to say thanks again for the chip upgrade.

John H.



Steve all I can say is WOW!!!!! The difference is unbelievable!

Evans Howell
87 Carrera



Hello Steve, I wanted to give you some feedback on the chip. I bought the chip based on testimonials from the forum on Pelican Parts, and I have to say that the glowing reviews are justified. Even with having read the results form other customers, I am surprised at the new found power and torque in the car. It seems to rip up through the rev band much easier and faster than before. I haven't had a chance to check mileage but to be honest that's a secondary concern. Thanks again,

Trent Waite
88 Carrera



Hi Steve,

Chip received, installed and the difference is noticeable.  I changed to
your chip and a GHL cat/muffler over the weekend.  I had to set my idle back
down to 850 from about 1,100.  Other than that (and disconnecting that
single brown California emissions wire) this was an easy bolt-on hp.

The throttle response is better, seems like there's a little more torque and
mid-range feels like it revs a lot quicker.

I'm pleased with your product...

Dan Johnson



Hi Steve

I would like to thank you for the chip !
It is absolutely GREAT!

Pascal '95 993



I have a Steve Wong chip in my '84 Carrera. I did three pulls on a DynoJet last Fall. Average rear-wheel HP was 205.7. Assuming a 15% drivetrain loss, that's 242 HP at the crank.

Drivability is superb across the power complaints.
Regards, Bruce
'84 Carrera



SW is great! I drove to his place in LA and he spent too much time with me dialing in my car. He drives a lot more aggressively than I do. I won't tell you all the things that he did, but I definitely got my monies worth. The chip even passes CA smog with very very good low emissions numbers. The mid range is dramatically improved. So much that my brother drove the car when I first got it and then about a year later with the SW chip and as he pulled on the uphill onramp to the freeway, he said "Wow, did you tune this thing up or something, its way stronger"

84 Targa ROW



I installed an OEM premuff and one of Ben's 1in/1out mufflers on my 87. The sound is incredible, but there was very little change in feel.

I added a Steve Wong chip to the mix and there is a noticeable change in performance. The only downside to the chip for me is it took away some of the rumble of the exhaust at idle. It doesn't sound as mean as it did with the stock chip. (Still sounds good though!)

1987 Silver 911 Carrera sun roof coupe
S.Wong chip|Euro Premuffler|M&K muffler|Bilstein HDs|Turbo tie rods|Elephant Strut brace|7, 8 Al Reed Fuchs|Bridgestone S03s



My wife and I returned last Thursday from a 1000+ mile trip to Southern Oregon (your original chip installed)and found to our amazement that we got 29+ mpg cruising at 70-75 mph., and with plenty of torque to pass in 5th gear! Also, after we finished the dyno tests today, just for the fun of it, we did a quick sniffer test and found that the car will pass Washington State emissions with my cat bypass pipe, Monty muffler and your chip. What a deal!

Bob Sutton
89 Carrera



Although I do not have Steve Wong's HFM5 kit, I did remove an autothority MAF and chip that the po had installed. I am now running a Dansk cat bypass, and sport, one in, two out muffler, along with a chip from Steve. IMHO, it feels stronger across the entire rpm range than the autothority MAF.

87 911 Factory Turbo-Look Cab



SW chip made a solid difference on my 89 3.2 Recently did a Dansk sport muffler and a pre muffler which gave it more kick
89 Carrera Cab



Hi Richard...already considering mods I see, bravo! I have the 75mm single Monty and it has great sound. I don't think you'll see much more power from the 100mm or twin pipe system, and the exhaust pipes look too big and rice-racery to me. Just IMHO.

I would consider installing a cat bypass pipe at the same time...that's what really makes the difference in power. Do they have smog checks in Hong Kong? I have a Steve Wong chip which makes a big difference too. Best of luck!
Put the "fist" back in pacifist!
Support Denmark, buy Dansk products for your Porsche now.
'89 911 Carrera Coupe GP White



Here are some dyno sheets comparing the AutoT chip for the MAF vs a custom Steve W chip. engine is a stock 3.2L, cat by pass and stock muffler. The autot chip for the MAF had a rich A/F mixture. Steve got the mixture where it should be and flattened it out throughout the rpm range. My goal was to get the a/f ration corrected but also got some extra hp and tq. The car runs great at all rpms, idle, WOT all perfect. I give two thumbs up for Steve's custom chips vs the autot.



Yes and yes. I like the sound and performance of the B&B Headers yet I still get heat (Stormaster is thinking of std headers and not B&B) but the more open exhaust requires the chip to be tuned so you don't lose low end torque. Steve Wong's chip helps the power kick in earlier in the RPMs. Having said that, I also totally agree with Zonas that the weakest link in the 87-89 Carrera is an unskilled driver. PCA is a great place to learn (Autocross, DE's and other drivers to pick their brains). Oh btw, last measured trip: 23-25 @ 70-75 mph avg 300 miles (and that's with the dreaded SW Chip and the O2 disconnected!

'87 Carrera 3.2
Steve Wong Chip, B&B Exhaust, Pro-Cooler, Custom Sound System, a list of more stuff waiting to be done.



I would suggest that you go with the SW chip for now- then, when you save your dollars for the exhaust upgrade, contact Steve and he can customize it for your new set-up. He does have some kind of charge of that (i don't know amount) but he can tweak it for what you're running down the line. I don't know the Authority chip but I'm rolling an SW happily with no issues on my 88 coupe.
Steve is way mellow. He is confident in his chips. I run one, runs awesome, no issues to date. Anyway, I don't know about Loren or is product(s) so I can't comment on them- apparently he does great electrical work. Can't we all just get along?

John Carlos



I too have been please with the SW chip; I'm running SSI's, EX-Hone plenums and MB911 type 1 muffler on an 84 3.2.


88 911 19-20 in town driven hard 80% of the time and just got back from a 1000 mile trip, going there 26 @ 90 and on the way home 28 @ 85-90 wind was in the right direction. SW chip, 91 octane
88 911 Diamond Blue CE Carrera



Hey Steve! I just wanted to let you know that after swapping in my cat
converter, I passed smog easily. I kept your chip in and just reconnected
the brown wire. After the test, I disconnected it. Thanks again for your

Mark Williams



My milage varies a lot.
16 mpg stop 'n go city driving, shifting at 4K.
27 mpg pure hiway @ 80mph.
'87 Carrera 3.2 with S. Wong chip.
1987 Guards Red Carrera Targa



Steve- I had my chip installed and the stock muffler replaced with BB header cat bypass system.  The only other mod to my 88 3.2 is a K&N airfilter.  I took my car to ProTechnik in Houston, Sam Shalala's shop, and ran it on the dynojet…RWHP= 226, 227, and 228 for each run, and torque about 201 each run!  Sam was floored.  He really couldn't believe the flat torque curve that held for 1000 rpms at the top.  There was a little blip between 4200 and 4800 rpms, which I am sure you could program out, but I am very happy.  I was just hoping for 200 rwhp, and I was overjoyed to see the numbers….more importantly the car runs great!!  I will be posting the dyno chart on rennlist tomorrow or Wed. when I can get to scanner.  Sam said he will be calling you because he wants to use the chips for other customers.
Thanks again…you are the best!

Mark Schusterman, M.D.
Houston, TX



The car is running great!  Even my wife said WOW it really runs smoother,
now.  She asked if something happened?  Cool....

Doug Wierenga


Hey Steve,

I recently installed your chip along w/ a Dansk euro pre-muffler and kept the stock muffler. The car was transformed and perfomed unbeliveably. My Gtech registered 0-60mph in 5.6, before was 6.1 secs -  also noticeable increase in HP.

"One Satisfied Customer"
Shay Lorencz


Hello Steve!

I've just been out testing my Carrera with your chip which arrived today.  I am satisified!  The car runs smoother without flatspots, but most of all I notice a much improved throttle response between 2500 and 5000.  It's more fun to drive!

I've just posted a message on the Porsche Club Norway's forum where I tell about my experience with your chip.

best regards
Ivar Hoelsæter

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