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Steve-  all I can say for the chip is HOLY SHIT!
Thanks for the chip, I cannot express how much better the car is driving
now, like a new engine!

Daniel Werwath

911 Chips wins class at California Speedway !!

Hi Steve, Just want to report in that this past weekend at the PCA Zone 8 "Festival of Speed" I won my Time Trial class (AM) with my newest chip from you. I was also 9th overall out of 51 cars. I beat at least six 3.6L powered 911's as well as a few track prepped, tricked out  944 turbo's with my Wong Chipped 3.2L.

I'll be in touch in the near future when I re-visit my dyno guy. I'd like you to analyze the next dyno runs to see if there are any further refinements worth doing. 
Anyway, Thanks for all your help!!

Best Regards,

John Risvold


The best way to tweak a 3.2 is a chip, a euro pre-muffler and a sport muffler. The best source for 3.2 chips is Steve at Email him with the specifics on your car's intake, exhaust and muffler, and he can burn a chip that will get all the pieces to work together.
Jack Olsen
1972 911 'RSR'


Listen to Jack's advice.

I have an 1984 Carrera with a custom Steve Wong chip, Dansk pre-muffler and Dansk sport muffler. Last month on the dyno she put out 205 HP at the wheels (241 hp @ crank). Not shabby for a stock 3.2 engine that's never been opened.
Regards, Bruce
'84 Carrera



I'll "third" Jack's advice as well.

A bad chip will cause problems that are hazardous to your bank account, but properly made custom software enhances performance as long as you use the best premium fuel you have in your area.

Steve Wong's chips are VERY well executed (unlike many others) and you'll be very pleased with the changes.
Steve Weiner
Rennsport Systems



I was going to wait to send in my results....but the timing looks right.
I have an RS replica weighing a little over 2200 lbs with a Motronic powered 3.2.
It runs SSI's, a larger throttle body, Pressler twin pipe sport exhaust, Carrera "sport" cams and until tonight, an Autothority chip geared for these types of mods.
I've had the Autothority chip for at least 6-7 years and it was a useful upgrade over the stock chip.

After reading post after post about Steve Wong's chip, I finally said "hell" or something along those lines....what have I got to lose, as Steve guarantees your satisfaction.
When it came time to install the chip, something was different on my DME board, so being uncomfortable with what needed to be done, I shot the entire DME down to Steve and he completed the install on my board quickly and cheaply.

Just installed the DME in my car tonight.
Of course if fired right up and idled great.
After a full warm up, out into the damp and rainy Portland evening I went.
I can simply say the difference between the Autothority chip and the Steve Wong chip is startling.
It pulls so strong and clean now, that it really surprised me a bit.
My car was always pretty quick due to the 3.2 and low weight, but now it enters into a different realm.
My buddies on the autocross circuit will not like my car this coming season.
It feels that fast and strong.
And like others have said: idles better, no backfiring on decel, on and on and on.
I can see no faults to the chip.
Except that I couldn't plug it into a 3.8 Varioram maybe.

I am very, very satisfied with Steve's chip, service and prices.
I don't really see how you can go wrong.
I wish I had done this years ago....the difference is that big.
My Autothority chip was matched to the mods I had on the car.
Steve Wong chip still much superior in my opinion.

Maybe one day I will get the car on a dyno to map the chip more optimally.
That is not always easy or convenient.
I feel I am at least 85% of the way there.
The last 15% will be for another day after further intake mods are added to the engine.

I have a slightly used Autothority chip I WILL GIVE AWAY FREE to anyone who wants it. Serious.

OK...done extolling virtues.
Get it....or be left behind.


Can't actually answer what the HP difference would be for you. But I just recently switched from an Autothority chip to Steve's chip and there is a major difference between the 2 chips. IMHO

Low end responsiveness is much much better w/ Steve's chip and the power seems to be there all the way up to red line.
But when I had the Autothority chip in it seemed like it took more to build power, then @ 4500 rpm it felt like a turbo kicked in to red line.
I ended up using a friends LM-1 to show my A/F ratio's and as it turned out, I was running way too rich w/ the Autothority chip.
I am hoping to get out this weekend to run the LM-1 on the car w/Steve's chip in there to see the difference.

Overall I just wished I had changed to his chip much sooner,the car runs better and stronger than ever before. Steve is a great guy to deal w/

and he can always re-map the chip for you as you add parts.
1988 911 coupe (GP white)
SSI's and MB911's muffler,H4s,Steve Wong chip. WEVO short shifter,W/more upgrades coming.



Here is my contribution
Loren provides TRE with excellent service on repairing various electronic components for many years. We will most certainly continue to do so.

Do we disagree with him on the chips issue? oh yes! as witnessed by several years of selling/installing working with Steve Wong and his chips. We are very happy with Steve and his attention to detail. Whenever we need some custom tweaking he is eager to work with us to get it right.

so see people, we can agree to disagree w/o name calling or worse. I respect both parties and take Loren's discussions in stride
Thank you

Dave B.
TRE Motorsports



255.6bhp 3.2 Carrera with SW Chip


Back in July I posted results from the Porsche Club GB Dyno day at Well since then, I have been in touch with Steve Wong who has burnt me a custom chip, based on the dyno printout I supplied.

The chip was duly fitted and I went back to Weltmeister (based at Silverstone Circuit in England) for a back to back dyno session.

The results 255.6bhp - WOW

I have attached dyno sheets from the day for comparison.

The dyno used is a Dyno Dynamics, and just to illustrate the belief I have in this, the Prodrive Subara WRC team based just down the road use the facility for their cars.

The results are adjusted for atmospheric changes between the to dates of the runs, such that the results give a direct comparison to the previous dyno runs - i.e. the weather makes no difference.

Just for clarity, the first dyno runs in July were on my standard spec. ROW car that has done 135,000 miles and is I believe standard and not rebuilt - the only change is a good quality heavy stainless silencer box.
I truly believe the car to have an original 135,000 mile engine that does not smoke or use any oil.

I also used my new camera to take a basic video of the dyno screen as the run was done (sad I know) - if anyone can host it I would be more than happy to send it to them.

Any thoughts and comments welcome as ever.
Ian Highfield
1986 Carrera Coupe Sport with Stainless Silencer and SW Chip (256 fwbhp)



I put a SW chip (for a euro premuffler) in my car about a year ago after going through every imaginable line, sensor, connection, etc chasing an idle problem. Car idles better than it ever has, accelerates from a stop more smoothly, midrange power is noticeably fattened up.

Had to take it in for emissions a couple months ago, didn't pass with the euro premuffler. No surprise there.

Put the cat back on (but left in the SW chip) and it passed just fine. Actually, they barely started the test and the computer ended the test, the car had met "fast pass" criteria. 2 years ago it didn't meet "fast pass". Maybe it was the other work done while chasing the idle problem. Either way, I really don't think that the chip appreciably hurt the results of the emissions test.

Just one data point.

Best Regards,
Milw, WI



Dump the Weltmeister. Steve's chip is MUCH better. I'm on my second one. This newest one (just installed yesterday) is a custom one designed for my mods. Also, it upgrades my 84 2K DME to the 87+ 4K DME. The overall feel of the car is WAY better than even my previous Wong-ification...

The 2k to 4k switch is easy with a jumper modification. He includes all info to do the nec changes. Go Wong... You'll never look back.

Also, Steve is not really beat up here at all. He has MANY pelican customers, all have nothing but good to say.

Loren is the only real neigh-sayer of the whole chip thing. His thought is Porsche was perfect from the get go and there is NO way to improve on the PERFECT motronic system... HMM???

Porsche is great, but not quite perfect. Most of the changes Steve makes are things Porsche has done or did at some point in the Motronic 3.2 evolution....

GruppeB #935

84 Carrera Targa B.A.S.T.A.R.D. (for sale)



Steve Wong Chip Is In!
And I must say that I do "concur".

Throttle response is improved and acceleration over 2000+ rpms is consistent and strong. Bravo Steve!

So it seems that I've come to the end of a number of modifications so things are going to slow down abit and I'm going to enjoy my car.

Many thanks to all of the Pelicanites that put up with my newbie questions, I've learned alot.

In no particular order (sorry if I forgot you):

Wayne (Ohhaha), Souk, Gost, Jtratza, Jeremy 964, SammyG2, Danskman, RickM, Shaun 84 Targa, Gorfllub, 911Mac, RoninLB, CharlesBahn, Jtratza, CBR900RR, ScottB, Steve Wong, Bigrubberjeep, Wil Ferch, ZOANAS, SoCal911SC, Drdogface, JayH, and countless others! You guys rock!

And last but not least, many thanks to Wayne & Co. for hosting this site and supplying many of my parts.

86' 911 Targa



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