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Well, not that this data is "scientific" or otherwise... I strongly suspect, my chip improves the performance of my car. Having run the stock chip, VS the SW chip there IS a noticable difference in how the car drives, accelerates etc. As Steve stated there is a VERY good poss that your WOT switch isn't coming on. I was shocked after checking mine to find I was BARELY getting 2/3rd throttle. Wow, THAT made a difference. Now, with that, testing both again (for kicks and giggles) I noticed the same basic changes, but REALLY noticed a difference in the overall top end. 80 to 135 was faster by over a second. So is it all in my mind?

Geof33 GruppeB #935

84 Carrera Targa B.A.S.T.A.R.D.




Since I have a 3.2 that has had several chips, stock, Authothority, and finally, Steve's, I'm amused that any post about a 3.2 upgrade will inevitably turn into a p*ssing match of chip vs no chip. What gives? I'll spell it out, and if I've missed something, let me know:

Porsche builds car. Porsche must make car fit US regulation for emissions and fuel milage. Porsche must also make allowances for car gasolines available over a large octane level. Porsche designs chip to meet minimal requirements. Chip programmer designs chip to run on higher octance gas. Programmer does not have to worry about fuel efficiency or milage. Programmer can then only program the optimal setting to maximize engine performance.

Sounds too simple I guess. Just like the last time I had my car at the track that I had run 100's of time before. The only change was a change to Steve's chip and my redline was hitting way before it did on prior runs. Lap times down. Explanation?

1989 911 coupe 3.4L
2002 BMW 4.6is
2002 GMC Envoy XL


Just put my "Steve" chip in this Christmas, I also noticed an improvment. Runs better, and has a little more pull than before.
I am very happy with this chip.

Keep up the good work Steve!

Sorry to you guys if you have read this same type of post a 100
times from others.
1987 Carrera - GP White



Hope my referrals worked out. They are the PCA region President and the Chief Driving Instructor so if they like your chip it's good for some word of mouth among the regional racer crowd.

I was happy with the way the car performed in Time Trials yesterday. I had a big guy for a student (200+ lbs) and didn't get to run without him in my car yet I took 2 sec off my best time from last fall. I may do a lap times comparison at our next DE later this month.

Bill M.
'87 911 Carrera


It was an outrageously balmy day in NY today (45 deg), so I took the opportunity to take the top off and go for a drive. Had to take the new Steve W. chip out for a test run anyway.

So this is my first 911. Pulled the trigger after many years of almosts. Always bought another fun car instead, but I finally fulfilled the childhood dream. '88 targa, venetian blue. 110k miles. Stock (not for long ) except for stereo. 2 PO, records to day 1. Picked it up a week ago.

I like the chip, but haven't really had a chance to really try it. Hit a bit too much traffic yesterday, though 2nd gear 4k to redline run seems to happen with somewhat more alacrity!. To forestall any flamewars - This is not my first sportscar, nor my first chip. If it's only placebo (which I don't believe), I'm fine with that too - so there.

Got new bilsteins and a used sport muffler sitting in my office. Hoping for good weather this weekend to do some wrenching.



I had one of Steve's chips in my 86 coupe. The car at the time had about 50k on the clock. I combined the hip with a B & B dual otlet exhaust and a MAF system. WOW!! The difference was amazing............the car felt like it should and sounded awesome.

My new 87 cab will be showing up shortly, I'm already planning my mods, looks like DANSK twin outlet and pre-muffler and another of Steve's chips.
I'm curious to see the difference between MY86 and MY87. I'll probably skip the MAF this time and just drill out the airbox.

To bad the %$##%$ weather sucks!!

"Hey wait for me Racing Fan Club Director"
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I would like to be as objective, and recount history as accurately as possible with this post! I know that Loren and others who are much smarter than I have their own opinions and biases. With all due respect, I believe that some have many more biases, based upon presuppositions, rather than reality driving experiences.

'Here are the facts and situation(s) as they pertain to my 1984 US 911 3.2, purchased in 1995, with approx 85,000 miles. You make up your own mind based upon your own experiences. Despite a driving/hands on PPI, some knowledge of how cars works, and the seller's undocumented claims, I had to flat bed the car and put in a new clutch after only 50 miles or so, as it was 1 or 2 days after I signed the paperwork. I attribute it all to THE newbie process. and a lack accessible information at the time. I read some of the now defunct Porschefiles posts ( JD Thank you so much for RennList!!!!!!) and sent for Bruce Anderson's books. I was anxious to "tweek" my Porsche and "wring" all that I could out of her, be it performance or satisfaction. Some "tweeks" came before and from the existing company, and others came from busted knuckles.

Without doubt, the newly installed Steve Wong chip, based upon my cars minimal upgrades and octane usage has smoothed out my idle, eliminated idle searches and misses, and the car is more responsive. When I had some minor difficulties completing the resoldering process on my 84, Steve W returned my call on a Saturday PM, sent a .jpeg e-mail and followup call untill my 84 was up and running that same Saturday. If you desire a DME Chip upgrade to your 911, there is ONLY one chip burner/manufactioner that I would recommend for your 911, based upon my experiences and that is Steve Wong at

I do know that the first 2K one I had from Protomotive wasn't very good compared to the one I just got from Steve W. We also must consider the difference, if it exists in 8 years of technology improvements chip remapping.I know how my car ran then and now, though I have never had it dynoed. I did buy the SW chip because it had been discusssed on many 911 boards with very happy customers. Now I am also one of the flock.

The other issue that I was trying to convey was his outstanding customer service in my situation.

I know the very expensive parts issues that I have chased such as an idle hunt for 4 years. This has included a new O2 sensor, 3 new fuel injectors, 3 injector rebuilds, countless plugs, diagnostic hours, etc. I put in the Steve Wong Chip, and sprayed some air intake cleaner and voila. The car runs amazingly well and the best since my ownership 9 years ago. And that is what I know.

Absolutely no interest, other than an extremely happy customer!

Steven S.
1984 3.2 Carrera
2002 996 TT X50



I got back from Daytona(Rennsport Reunion) and wanted to let you know the car ran flawlessly! I won my class and the car pulled strong all the way up to 150mph. That's the fastest I have ever had the car. Keep up the great work. I ran Limerock last weekend and took another 1.5sec off my best laptime which is huge at that small track. I will get the car dynoed soon so I can see where it's at.

James A
1987 3.2 Carrera


Hi Steve,

Installed your chip for my 1985 ROW 911 carrera 3.2 before I went up to the formula 1 track at Sepang Malaysia for a track day. I was very happy with the improved drivability and performance. The low rev torque definitely felt better, like my car was somehow lighter!! The increased rev limit also helped with the high rev range with a more linear band of power than before. OK, the short of it is that I like it. Everyone should get one!! I think its good value too. Thanks Steve.

Daniel W.
1985 Euro 930/20

Hey Steve,

I just wanted to let you know when I first put your chip in, it seemed pretty close to the Hypertech one, but then I noticed a much smoother idle and better throttle response. Definitely first gear, it pulled real good, but then after I took it out on the open road and punched it a little on the freeway, jumped it up to triple digits real quick, and seems like after I get that, the car is more responsive. I don't know why but it's as if the chip saw the potential there and the computer said ok this is what we can do, but it seems to run even stronger - much bigger difference than before - just pulls hard throughout the whole rpm range. Maybe you have some input on that, I'm not sure. But is awesome, your chip is awesome. Like it all the way around and no more backfire after I put that bypass pipe that I used to have. Again real smooth idle, response. Just pulls hard throughout the whole rpm range. I can eat up the whole tach if I want to. It just runs better. Job well done. But anyways, I think I'm going take a minute and order that Dansk single in dual out. It just seems hard to phantom swallowing a $1000 for a Monty especially when I've got other things to get. Take care.

Mark W.
1987 Carrera

Hi Steve

Iinstalled the new chip from 911 chips today. What an improvement! It seems to pull better in low revs and the power doesn't tail off at higher revs. I'm doing a before and after dyno run in a couple of weeks and will send you a copy of the results.


Mark C.
1988 Euro Clubsport
United Kingdom


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your quick response. I do have a 200 050 DME installed with a p/n 1267355102 chip. I moved the jumper and it started up right away :-) It is raining here today and running it in the garage I could already tell that the engine was reacting quicker, the idle seems normal but I will check it later.....I had to take it out in the rain...couldn't wait....HOLY CRAP!!!!! It is like driving a different car!!

Even though the roads are wet I was breaking the tires free in 2nd gear...never been able to do that before. The engine picks up in speed tremendously fast......just went for a quick trip and I am still vibrating from the experience...DAMN!!!!! :-))) What is the rev limiter set at now??? because at one point I did see it go past 6700RPM..... Can't wait till my Cat Bypass and Dual Exhaust shows up... I think I am going to enjoy the summer very much.

Thank you Steve!!!

Saru P.
1987 911 Carrera


I put S. Wong chip in my 88 carrera ( ROW 231hp ) in yesterday and now cars feels much beter then before. After realesing throtle idle picks up way beter then before as injection start stoping engine at 1100 rpm as oposed to some 880 - 900 as factory chip is. Idling is better smoother, and through whole range engine is more lively. Dont care how many hp is gain as long is that good is worth every dolar spend.
I have also audi TT chiped to 265hp and it feels slow overall except turbo punch is more to feel, but porsce goes way beter. If Audi have 265hp then my carrera should have at least 250hp now in comparison.

Ales C
88 Euro Carrera



For what it is worth I recently made some modifications similar to what you are asking about and found some good threads on the board. I own an 89 Carrera coupe and have installed a Bursch cat by-pass (didn't notice a whole lot and exhaust note did not increase too much), Steve Wong chip (made a difference in idle quality, how fast the engine revs and 3K+ RPM performance), and most recently a Dansk sport exhaust 1 in 2 out (complimented the chip but really no performance gains until high RPMs, but nice exhaust note). I am fortunate to work in a place that has an emissions lab and I can promise you that with a cat and a Steve Wong chip you will pass emissions, well at least Wisconsin limits I am not sure if California is different.

Like you I am new to this board and also the Porsche car world so there is a learning curve. I plan on doing as much work myself so even if there were no gains in the above modifications I learned a ton about the car and that was worth it to me. But I will be very careful of my budget from here on out!

Check out for a used sport muffler, the cat by-pass in my mind is worth it just for spite but in California I know it is tougher than here, and the Steve Wong chip is worth it too. E-maill him, he really helped me out a lot.

Good luck, and let I would be interested to hear your comments on your suspension upgrades since that is the next area for me to tinker with.

89 Carrera 3.2L
First Porsche
As much wrenching by me as possible


I installed a Steve Wong chip in my 87 Carrera prior to heading on a bit of a road trip last week. The much-maligned (or maybe somewhat maligned) Mr. Wong has good product in my opinion.

While I think that many people who install this type of upgrade have high expectations and therefore might imagine an HP gain that is not really there, I still believe Wongs' chip is an improvement over the stock unit.

I don't feel alot of new power but the torque curve is definately flatter and the car runs very smoothly to redline. My basically stock 3.2 feels more willing throughout the rev range whereas prior to the chip swap it ran a bit rougher in spots. A friend who has driven my car a fair bit asked if I had "tuned it up or something." Do I have any technical data, Dyno numbers, Peer-Reviewed texts? Nope. Just my amateur seat of the pants observations. This should tick a few people off.

Prior to install I was already running SSI's and a Dansk 2 in 1 out muffler.

Just my anecdotal impressions........ Let the flogging begin.

Jorian D
87' Carmine Red Carrera


For what it's worth (nothing?):

I have an '87 with a SW chip, Borla exhaust and a Dansk cat bypass. First, the regulatory stuff. I just smogged the car two weeks ago after swapping back the cat. About 30 minutes. The car passed EASILY, runs very clean. Then, 30 minutes to swap back to Dansk and for 2 more years I am set.

Performance: Didn't have the car before those mods so I can only say that the car was on the dyno a little less than a year ago and put 201HP to the wheels. I think that is a good indication that the overall package works nicely. Now, others will say, it's the exhaust/cat bypass etc. I can't say. All I know is that the package works well together and I am happy


1987 Guards Red Targa
1994 F250 4X4
1998 CR500


I also have an 87. If you search the threads, you will find that the performance exhaust did not increase the dyno readings nearly as much for the buck as the SW chip.The combo dyno numbers(SW chip and performance exhaust) was only a little better than the chip by itself. I decided to leave the exhaust alone and put in the chip myself, and I am NOT a mechanic by any means. I have been pleased with the chip, and outside of Loren you won't find many negative comments on the SW chip here.

That really means something because THIS IS A TOUGH CROWD!!!


1987 911 Carerra Targa, 930 Steering Wheel. Steve Wong Chip, 17in Turbo Rims, Potenza SO3s.Turbo Tie Rod


Well Loren that might be true in your world. In my world the best money I've spent on my car has been a Steve W chip. The SW chip absolutley increased the performance, which includes idle smoothness and a VERY smooth linear torque curve, I have driven in 90°F plus weather, stuck in traffic, and have never heard nor felt any pinging. The car just runs better.

Call me unknowing or a sheep just following the rest of the flock, that would be BS. You don't know me so hold your negative comments please.

It is possible for a product to actually, others nor myself have to agree. Just please don't berate us for our ideas. I know the difference between "seat of the pants" and the placebo effect. The damn thing works. Period.

Just my .02¢

'85 M491 911 Dansk pre muffler Sport Exhaust, Steve W 93 oct Chip
PCA Member


I have a ZZZ car, but it was already registered with the State when I got it. You may need a visual inspection. Look into getting a Steve Wong chip. He brought my car pretty much back to ROW horsepower, it had a U.S. DME unit and a US car chip. Made a big, big improvement. Your welcome to try driving my car and comparing it to yours.

Hugh R.

84 Targa ROW
61 Aston Martin DB4
29 Rudge Whitworth Grand Prix Ulster


On a daily basis I have been getting 19-20 with my 88 Carrera. I don't drive it softly. The last two trips that I have been on to the same place (1000 miles round trip) the car did 28mpg running 85+. The trips were a year apart, SteveW chip in the second trip.


88 911 Diamond Blue CE Carrera


When I drove my car from Chicago - I averaged 26mpg. and that was averaging 72 mph (and around 1100 miles). There were stretches where I averaged 19 mpg and 29 mpg -

At Sebring I've averaged 9.7 mpg and 10.5 mpg. Around town - casual driving = 21 mpg. That's up from around 19.XX that I was averaging before my Steve Wong Chip.

1987 Diamond Blue Cabriolet



Talking about chips on this board is like walking into a church and announcing your staunch atheism - you're going to hear people on both sides of the issue who both firmly believe they are right.

Having said that, I recently replaced the Cyntex chip in my 3.2 with a custom SteveW chip and the difference in driveability was instantly noticeable. I wouldn't have thought that Steve could improve the performance much over what was already a non-factory chip, but he did. I was very impressed.

Mike D.

(I'm not about to divulge my religious beliefs)

'76 orange 911 w/3.2



I finally got the chip put into my 3.2 engine, thanks! It is amazing the difference that this made, especially at the lower RPM range. One quick question, the two brown wires off of the wiring harness by the computer, what are these actually doing? Mine were plugged in and I un-plugged them, per the instructions. I have been curious as to what this is doing when connected. I am not sure if the car was a California car or not, as I got the engine out of a car in PA.

Jeff T.
Very satisfied customer



My name is Colin and I have a 1988 Porsche 3.2 Carrera. It is a UK European spec car (Right hand drive) with no cat, and no other mods (as far as I know). I’ve been looking after it for the last 5 years and think its brilliant, except I had one problem: When driving at a steady 2,400 revs my engine was not happy – stuttering and surging. We’d tried:

· Changing the HT north of the coil including the distributor cap and rotor arm

· Changing the entire DME

· Changing the air mass meter

· A variety of mixture settings

· Looking for electrical shorts and faults

· Cleaning the injectors…

…all to no avail. These revolutions correspond to about 62 mph, which on the UK’s congested roads is a very common speed. Much frustration! Robert Gant, legendary UK Porsche guru, who does my servicing, had no idea what to try next.

Richard Bernau, one of your customers and a correspondent to the 3.2 Carrera forum at suggested I tried one of your chips to fix this problem. I was sceptical – having changed the entire DME to no effect, I didn’t think there would be any difference. How wrong I was.

He was good enough to lend me one of your optimax chips (fone optimised for optimax 98Ron unleaded).

I put the chip in according to the instructions from your FAQ pages. Sorted! No more stuttering, and as a result of the chip, (and probably all the cumulated previous parts and tuning put in to solve the problem) the car is now going like a train. I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to have a healthy 3.2 Carrera after all this time. It’s so smooth, seems to go better at all revs, is generally better everywhere.

The chip I loaned is still in the car (so I can’t tell you the number on it), but Richard is going to want it back soon. I would therefore like to buy one of your chips. I know there are lots to choose from. I’m not looking for particularly more horsepower or more revs. Maybe better drivability at all points in the rev range and you can never have too much torque. I can get 97/8 Ron unleaded most of the time, or 93 Ron all the time. So I have these questions:

· Can you recommend what chip I should have to retain the ‘standard’ performance (without the standard stuttering at 2,400), and would suit the petrol types above?

· What is the current price including shipping to the UK?

Please email by return


Colin H.


Hello Steve.

I passed my e test easily. I thought I would share the results with you!

Last year’s test w/out your chip: HC: .9426, CO: 12.4897, CO2: 397.6384, NOX: .9879

Yesterday’s test w/ your chip: HC: .4471, CO: 7.7899, CO2: 408.6126, NOX: .9366

I went to the same test station and the same test bay. I did not do anything with the 2 brown wires. They were left un-connected. I was all worried over nothing. Thanks for you help on all this. Your chip is all good……

Thanks again,

Kelly K.
88 Carrera

I have a SW chip in my 3.2. No dyno numbers but it feels great! His customer service is superb. I had a 85 cab with a Euro products chip, pinged badly even with 93. Never a peep from SW!

David W.
86 Carrera



I own an 84 Carrera. I recently upgraded the exhuast from completely stock (with cat) to SSI's and Dansk single outlet sport muffler. The performance increase was a nice bump but now while performing full throttle up shifts I get a wicked backfire when the throttle is lifted to shift. A 10 inch flame shoots out the tail pipe concurrent with the backfire. My freinds say it looks cool but I am a little weary. I had a very fortunate chance to talk with Bruce Anderson about this. He feels it is most likely a fueling issue that can be corrected with a chip. Thus he referred me to you guys. There are no exhaust or intake leaks and I live at aprox. 4000' above sea level (if it matters).




Hi Steve,

I installed the chip and everything works great. I also had to convert the ECU to 4K with the supplied jumper and unplug the CA emissions plug. Interestingly when I openned up the ECU there was already a chip installed from Performance Products. It feels as though the low and high end are much improved, idle is better, everything feels smoother and no more backfires.

Patrick C.
84 Carrera


Scrappy's first kill.

Well, Scrappy got to go on her first official timed event this weekend. PCA Santa Barbara region held an autocross at Camarillo airport. It was a great turnout, with 90+ cars in attendance. There were GT3's, a RUF RGT, several ZO6's, a few Viper GTS's, half a dozen M3's, one of which was supercharged, and a wicked Datsun 510 on wide slicks.. In all, over half the field was non-Porsche.

The course was very technical, and the new asphalt was marbly and loose. It was a throttle-steer kind of day. Lots of fun!

I went along with fellow Pelicanite and co-worker Jeremy Cottrell, and a few of our client's. Rob Dickinson brought his beautiful Baham Yellow '69, and Leonard Skuro came along in his ultra-clean '73 S with 2.7RS motor.

Leonard scored a class win in the '73 S Targa

Jeremy drove his heavy pig '85 Carrera Targa to a near-miss second in class.

And Rob got second place in class to Scrappy.

But the big news was Scrappy getting Fast Time of Day!!! WooooHooooooo!!!!!!!!

The bonding has officially begun!

Second place over-all was a 914, and third went to the 510. The best part of the event was after the awards ceremony when people were asking me which car I was driving. You should've seen their faces when I pointed to Ol' Scrappy. Then they saw the 205/225 street tires on the skinny chrome wheels. They just couldn't quite process the whole thing. It was hysterical!

Old Porsches RULE!

Special thanks to Steve Wong of "911Chips" for burning me a chip for the 3.2. It really woke up the throttle response, and made throttle steering the car around the cones much easier. It feels much much better! I'm loving the throttle response, and driveability. Since I got FTD by only .02 seconds, I'd have to say I owe the win to Steve! Thanks Buddy!

Tyson Schmidt - "Evil"-Gruppe member #001

"This isn't rocket surgery...."

'69 911E(vil) coupe' 3.2 "Scrappy"



With my G-tech pro ( I know I know, is really not that great of a unit. I got it for $50 ) I had three runs of 6.1, 5.8, and 5.7. I really didn't kill the clutch at launch, but I also did not shift into third. This was at night, about 60 degrees out with the engine oil at about 210. 80K miles, no mods.

I just installed a cat bypass and a SteveW chip. Not expecting much lower times, but the car feels fantastic! After a valve adj. and new cap,rotor and plug wires, I will retest it come spring time.

Rest asured, I really don't care about launching off the line or fast drag times. I maybe do this sort of thing every two years. If a mustang or camaro want to race from a light, I let them go, then out brake the balls off of them.

'88 Targa
PCA member Central Indiana



I got the chip today and installed it this evening in my 87 911.

I can feel the difference across the entire rev range. It revs much freer at low/mid RPMs and pulls much harder on top. It sounds a little louder too when I bury the throttle. I was thinking about putting on a louder sport muffler but might just leave on the stock one now. I think your chip with cat bypass is enough for me.

I've read in Bruce Anderson's book where he mentions chip changes really are not worth it on these Carerra 3.2's. He suggests that changing the exhaust setup is better than a chip change. However, your chip + freer flowing exhaust is the magic combination for a 3.2. I've run a cat bypass for years and adding your chip still made a big difference. Apparently, you've got some nice code that's really been dialed in for this car. The 93 octane chip is the way to go in Texas. I'll have to wait until next summer to see how it handles the heat.

I'm going to tell a friend here in Austin with an 89 3.2 with SSIs.

Eric S.
'87 911


Steve W Chip + 1 Year
I have had a Steve W chip in my otherwise stock 1987 Carrera for just over a year now. I have since put 12,000 happy miles on it. My car now has 157,XXX miles on the original motor. An upcoming California Smog Check prompted me to change back to the stock chip for a few days before testing and--WOW!!! The Steve W chip really did make a huge difference in my car.

After changing back to the stock chip, my car feels downright lethargic. Steve's chip definitely opened up the lower range to about 4,000 RPM. Any hint of "Carrera 3.2 lag" is gone. Moreover, at about 4,700 RPM the kick in the butt that the 3.2 gives with the stock program is clearly more intense with the Steve W chip. Despite using my car as a daily driver, I still get a rush at WOT.

I am even more satisfied with my chip now than I was a year ago. It's going back in today. Thank you very much Steve.


Mike - Momo3.2
'87 911

Oh yeah, my car passed smog with flying colors--wheew!


I bought a ROW 84 Targa that had a catalytic converter and had been DMV certified before I bought it. It passes California emissions with flying colors with a Steve W chip.

Hugh R.

84 Targa ROW

I rec'd the chip last Friday and installed on Saturday. All I can say is WOW! What a difference. It is certainly true what I had previously heard about your performance chips - the car has been awakened!! Throttle response and low-end torque have been increased considerably and it sure feels like the car has a few more horses as well!! Idle is as steady as a rock. I am hoping to dyno it at the next PCA event and see what she has in her now officially. I can't thank you enough for not only this well coded 93+ octane performance chip but also the quick and friendly service you provided Steve - again you are da man! Being a technerd IT network engineer I really appreciated your very clear and concise installation instructions - very well done. Thank you so much Steve and I hope the very best for and your future endeavors.

Brian S.
'89 Carrera 3.2


Your 911 chip I just installed really made a big difference in smoothing out the idle on my 1986 911. The engine start up was much stronger and I did notice a very noticeable difference in the mid range pull during acceleration. Several people told me that adding a chip to the 911 will not make a difference. This is why I did not purchase sooner. Maybe that was good advise from other chip manufacturers, but it certainly was not good advise for the 911chips.

Rod G.
'86 Carrera 3.2



I finally had the time I thought I would need to install the chip and jumper. It went much faster than I expected so I spent the remainder of the time driving the car. WOW!!! the throttle response is much better, and the torque seems to come on sooner. Seat of the pants, but I am very pleased. Thank you again for your assistance. Keep up the good work!

Mike R.
'86 Carrera 3.2



Got my Steve Wong chip in
When I bought my car it had a RUF pre-muffler and muffler, no Oxygen sensor and and unknown performance chip. The idle was very rough and part throttle performance was not great. Steve was very helpful, and sent me a chip designed to work without the oxygen sensor and with the factory rev limit (I have read too much about the 3.2 rod bolt failures). Until I get it out on the track I won't really know if it increased horsepower, but the driveability improvement has been huge. The car idles better, and is much smoother with better pickup at low speeds. Hopefully the mileage will improve, it was a pretty poor 17.5 mpg with mild driving before. It is great to have someone like Steve who can tune the chip to match your particular car and is a pleasure to deal with.



Today has just been a great day in Dallas, and I had the chance to get the car out on the open road and take it to redline a few times and all I can say is Wow. The chip has transformed the car. It was still pulling hard when I hit the rev limiter, which caught me completely by surprise. The car is just a lot more fun to drive. I put my brake cooling ducts in and I am now ready for my first DE in a couple of weeks. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

Richard D.M.
87 Carrera
'78 SC (ex)



Ditto, I really like the difference in chip performance. I went from a Weltmeister to Steve Wong and it was very noticeably better.

Randy C.
85 Carrera





Steve –

I am an auto enthusiast through and through. My veins have gasoline circulating within. I have rebuilt cars for many years now (foreign and domestic) and have gained extensive knowledge of automobiles and the automotive industry. Never has an after market item sparked such enthusiasm. I have had my 86 911 cabriolet for about 10 months upgrading mechanicals here and there while retaining the stock appearance. I recently completed a full tune-up to hopefully rid the car of a slightly rough idle (I am very picky about how my cars should run). I saw your chip online (via Pelican Parts) and was very curious about what chips could do for my baby 911. I not only researched your performance chip but many others as well and concluded that they were all simply marketing gimmicks. Well last week I finally gave in and purchased your chip due to the outstanding reviews you seem to consistently receive.

Today, I installed the chip without incident. Your directions were superb and illustrations “spot-on”. When I opened the computer much to my surprise there was an existing performance chip installed. I quickly yanked that piece of junk out as if it were on fire.

Upon startup, the engine immediately responded to the new chip. Idle was like soft butter on a hot summer day; smooth and silky. I took the old girl out for the test drive beginning with 3 miles of warm up. The engine now has so much more smooth torque through the entire tachometer. The engine (finally) sang sweet music the way a Porsche should. Hard to believe but in second to third to fourth gear the front of the car lifts up from all of the torque. Overall, in one simple word-unbelievable!

And to boot my engine finally runs cooler.

I would and will recommend this performance chip to all Porsche owners. I have to tell you though there is one bad thing about your chip; I CAN’T STOP DRIVING MY PORSCHE NOW. IT’S TOO MUCH FUN!

Thanks Again for Such a Great Product.

Steve, well executed!!!!!!!!!!!

Russ M.

New Jersey

I have a Wong chip in my car tuned for an '86 with SSI's, dual in single out muffler, and 94 octane gas (Sunoco). My car has never pinged in hot or cold temepratures and never hunts for idle as it did previously. With that said, the PO had an Authority chip in the the DME before I replaced it with Steve's chip.

I'm not an opponent or proponent of performance chips, but from my experience Steve's chip was a big improvement over the Authority chip. I'm sure the stock chip is as good but I don't have one to compare with my Wong chip.
Brad H.
1986 Carrera
SSI's, SW chip, MB911 muffler

The Steve Wong chips are the ONLY way to go! The improvement in driveability from low end to 7000 rpm is VERY noticeable along with added throttle response. Fuel economy also is better, so every aspect of your perfomance will improve.

88 Euro 3.4 Carrera
Melbourne, Australia

top speed

Today ive been in german autobahn and tried to push it to top speed. Before i was seeing 250km/h and needle was creeping slowly from 240 on.
But since i instaled SW chip the car has much more force so i give it a go. It goes like hell now and road was going slightly uphill but anyway i got to 260km/h real quick and it was still 1000rpm left till redline. And it didnt go slowly it was no problem acelerating over 200 - 250 quick. Guess with more empty road i could pu**** to 270km/h since car was not stoped accelerate.
Funny thing was that when i then went to normal roads car feels alot beter somehow. I suspect tires were given good warm up but even engine was feeling smoother.
My guess is that with SW chip im geting real hp gain to get to those speeds so efortlessly.

"88" Carrera

Installed Wong chip...amazing! What's the "California" brown wire do?

I've been considering the Wong chip since I bought my '89 Carerra coupe almost a year ago, but I'm very sceptical by nature. I pulled the trigger recently figuring I could just return the chip. I just installed the chip, and all I can say is WOW what a difference!!! My car had flat spots throughout acceleration which I thought were due to a worn air-flow sensor or O2 sensor (my car has 140K+ miles), but the Wong chip cured it of that, the difference is simply amazing.

One thing I didn't know about is the external brown wire that is tied to the main DME harness bundle. Wong's instructions say this was only for California models (which mine is) and to disconnect it, which I did. He says its for emissions controls and it may cause knocking if left connected. What does this wire do to control emissions? Was this the true source of my flat spots or the DME chip itself?

I ordered a bypass pipe and will be installing that, a new 02 sensor, and a Monty muffler soon. For now I'm running Wong's "bypass and/or sport muffler" tuned chip with my stock exhaust until it arrives, is that OK temporarily?

Thrilled with the chip...thanks Steve!

J Karolyi
89 Carrera

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