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Hi Steve:

I just installed the DME and took the car out for a quick spin.
It is raining in Portland tonight, like is seems like it always is these days....but I could still tell the difference.
The comparison of your chip to the Auto"no"thority chip (newly renamed by me) is dramatic.

How would I best describe it???
I think now the car just pulls so much more strongly and cleanly.
It really hauls....probably helps that my car weighs just over 2200 lbs.
I couldn't even put full throttle down in the 1st three gears without spinning the rear tires.
I cannot wait to try the car out in the dry.
Idles great too....I may or may not lower the idle, as it's about 1000.
I actually like my idle a little higher, as it helps the car warm up quicker on the autocross grid.

I am amazed that you can do such a decidedly better job than these big companies backed by the megabucks.
Your attention to detail and care far exceeds theirs I would guess.
And likely your understanding of the air/fuel maps for the Motronic.

Anyway, I couldn't be happier with your product.
And also the great customer service you provided.
Fielding my calls and questions, and helping me get my DME configured correctly with the very fast turnaround.
And all for a great price.
You put most companies to shame.
Thanks again.



Your chip is a true work of art. Today I re-installed the DME after setting
the fuel quality switch to position 0. I figured that with the use of 98RON
there is no reason to run at position 4.

This morning I have just got back from a run down the Roe highway, including
several WOT runs.

The tacho issue I described yesterday is NOT an issue - I think the changed
engine note was fooling me. It now sounds harder above 4500 than before.
Also the car has much more high RPM headroom now.

Well, I have to say the results are truly breath-taking. The performance
difference with the switch position at zero and with the chip is very

The car responded sublimely to WOT runs with no hint of any problems at all.

I am actually happy that the annoying raspyness in 2nd gear at 3000 rpm has
been eliminated, and your explanation makes a lot of sense. The previous
owner of this Carrera fitted the SSIs and had a high-flow exhaust custom
made by a local artisan who does mufflers for race cars etc. He should have
taken things to the next level and got one of your chips, as clearly the car
was not tuned correctly for those modifications, particularly at low rpm.

In fact, I could say that with the stock chip, the car was an absolute pig
to drive in traffic. Why? Because the revs would always bog and then wait to
catch the idle speed, which bodes for very annoying drivability when pulling
out of junctions etc.

So, I'd also like to see now how the car's fuel economy is. Previously the
economy even during normal driving was pretty bad. However this could also
be related to running the +6.3% fuel correction. No wonder the exhaust tips
were so carbonised. I've cleaned them now with Autosol so we'll see how the
look after a week or so with the SW chip.

Many thanks for your excellent product and service. I much appreciated
getting the SSI-muffler custom chip for the price of the stock Euro chip
(I assume this is the one that you sent me?).

Thanks Steve,



Thought you might be interested in the before/after dyno runs for my car.  Please find them attached.  The car is (was) a stock 1984 911 Carrera except for your chip.  Exhaust is completely stock. 

I haven't had a chance to drive the car yet, but the dyno runs show pretty dramatic improvement.  The stock engine produced about 218 bhp (flywheel), so your improvement to approximately 233 bhp is pretty impressive.  Torque is up about 20 ft lbs across the board as well - all just as advertised. 

Thanks again,






Just to let you know that I have been over to Weltmeister this morning to run the new chip on their dyno, and WOW.

The baseline 239.6bhp (with my sports muffler) has jumped to a massive 255.6bhp

The torque has improved from 230 - 240 and this is where I can feel the better throttle response.

Please feel free to publish my dyno sheets (I have large original jpeg files if needed), as they show a direct comparison for the custom chip on the same dyno with adjustment to the same relative temperature / humidity etc.

Once again thanks.

As a final note, is there anything more that you would want to do with the programme given the attached dyno results ?




Hi Steve,  I installed the chip this evening. I ran her with the stock chip until I reached operating temp and also to get one last feel of the car before the new chip. Install was a breeze and I fired her up. First thing I noticed right away was the idle. As I mentioned before my idle has always been around 625 rpm which I didn't realize was too low. Well now she idles at a perfect 880 RPM. It was a smooth idle as well, stock chip caused the car to have a rougher idle I guess due to the lower rpm. Any way I took off and immediately notice how responsive and smooth the car was especially between 2K and 4K RPM. It never pulled so hard before, always had this lag thing going on. The rest of the way up was really smooth although I didn't really get a bigger kick in the pants sensation from 4.5K to redline. It did pull strongly which it did before as well. I did test the rev limiter and it did kick in at 6800. One thought is that I did alot of tune up maintenance to the car and the final item was to add 20 oz of Techron to the tank to clean out the fuel system and injectors. Would that have an effect on the gas and high end performance? The car also had absolutely no backfire or poping as it did before. Better for the car that way I'm sure but I do miss that wonderful sound. I also switched the fuel ratio switch on the DME back to stock when I put the chip in. Should I leave it there? No pinging at all right now but the weather was upper 70's and almost 100% humidity here in New York. Not too hot. Well I did notice a big difference in the mid range but was hoping for a bit more on the top end. Perhaps I'll run the tank out with the Techron and wait for a nice dry cool day to put her to the test.
Let me know about my above questions.

Thanks  Gordon


Ok, I think I'm somewhat qualified to answer this, seeing how I drove my 84 3.2L 911 for almost 2 years with an Autothority chip and have recently swapped it out for a 911Chips (Steve W) chip. I have a B&B header exhaust, K&N Cone filter, and pretty much stock engine other than that. Here are my observations.

1. The Autothority chip worked well. I can only compare to OE chips in other Carrera's because mine has had the Autothority chip since I got it, so my comparison there is not very significant.
2. My plugs and exhaust valves were a little more whitish than tan as I'd prefer with the Autothority. I would attribute that to the fact that the Autothority chip was probably mapped for the OE exhaust and intake, and switching to a header exhaust and (possibly) K&N Cone puts thru more air, causing a lean mixture. Or would the MAF sensor handle that?? Hmm…
3. My low-end torque was a bit lacking with the header exhaust, compared to the OE Exhaust. Steve's chip has restored much of that lost torque, I would assume a richer fuel map could be responsible.
4. I was experience some burbling and slight backfiring with the Autothority chip on decel. That also has gone away, now I'm getting a smooth hum on decel.
5. The car sounds smoother and feels stronger at all RPM ranges.
6. Improved idle stability. Steve uses a 4k mapping, the OE and Autothority chips only used 2k until 1987. A jumper change was required to utilize the DME's capacity of 4k, which Steve says is backwards-compatible if you want to put in a 2k chip later.
7. My Johnson is longer and thicker, and I'm scoring more with the ladies than ever.

Ok, so they're all pretty subjective (except #7, that is fact). But, my engine has not yet blown up, either. Bottom line for me was that Steve's chip is more tailored to my setup than the Autothority was, but I still think the Autothority provides much higher performance than the OE 84 chip does. I found a Bruce Anderson article in Up-Fixen Vol 7 (or was it 8?) where he talked about the conservative mappings on the 84-86 chips and how Porsche realized this and offered the same chip that the CS had for sale as an upgrade.

My car has 156k miles on it and many of those were using the Autothority chip, and I track the car, so it's not been babied. It runs very strongly, but has not been dyno'ed.

I'm sure I'll get picked apart by Loren on this one, and that's fine, I just wanted to offer up my personal (non-empirical) observations.


PS: My Autothority chip is available if anyone is interested


First Day Report of Steve Wong Chip
Met up with Steve last night and put a chip in my 88 coupe which is otherwise stock other than chip and bilsteins- oh, and fatty tires on twists too (i know they're heavy i run my fuch 7/8's too- anyway, i know there is a lot of SW chip stuff on board but I wanted to kick in my two cents before i get used to the chip and its offerings- i will report again later on in the month after some more serious driving- initially, ive found:

1) crisp idle right off start up- no hunting

2) great power throughout - lots of power on hand in first and slow rolling second- very very nice for Los Angeles where you can find yourself in 5-10 mph average traffic quite often and the stock chip made it difficult to have any life at slower speeds

3) Feels like a beast at 5k- felt good before but now it (the power) is right there- ready to go and instantly- no lag- it's screaming at close to 5000 in 5th- (that's all i could get on the 10 here in Los Angeles- (i am so scared of tickets)

Steve is a pleasure to deal with and just threw the chip in for me - anyway, 24hrs into SW world and i am happy with the result- it is all that i had hoped for-

My 2nd and Final report on Steve Wong Chip
Hey guys-
I posted last week 24 hrs into it- search it if you want it. I thought Id throw up a 1 week into SW chip post just to give a final report after a solid week of driving-

Basically, it's great and really has made the car feel like I wanted- more responsive and a bit more go-

Low RPM throttle response is there- i can even get juice/response at 12-1500 rpm range in 4th and even 5th- never had this before- so nice to be able to roll to almost 0 mph and not have to be on and off the clutch every second- and, how nice to slowly roll into a driveway or whatever at low, low rpms and not worry about it-

Car idles perfectly and sound is nice- a bit more full

Upper range power is up a bit and I can feel it around 5000 really starting to go go go-- i like that and it kinda has a more full roar up in the high 5's-

Overall, I highly suggest the product and it has made the car a pleasure to drive around town- even in traffic, really. It feels to me the way I have always though/wished the car would feel- "just a little better"- and it does.  

it's a nice, easy, and successful upgrade for me and my 88 Carrera Coupe

John Carlos


I've had two of SW's chips and they're both excellent. The first was good, the second was better and it passes CA smog. My brother drove my car pre-SW chip and then about six months later and he said "Whow, did you tune this thing up or what".

When I first went to Steve he pulled the DME box from under my seat and began desoldering jumper leads because its an ROW, all I could think was F(ck, I hope this guy knows what he's doing. But it runs so much better, its unbelievable. Gone is that mid range sluggish pull.

84 Targa ROW



First 25 mlles with Steve Wong chip!!!
I guess I've been reading this board to much, every time I do it cost's me money. Lately I've been checkin out the posts on chips for 3.2 Carrera, they all said the same thing, seems like a good performance upgrade to me. Soooooooo...

Today the mail man brought a new Steve Wong chip.

Install took about 15 min. hit the key and varoom, she fired up and purred like a kitten. Finished putting up my tools while she warmed a few min.. Buckled myself in and bumped the throttle and WOW what a difference in the response. Went for a little drive, 25 miles or so and the car has really come alive especially in the lower RPM ranges. Did not have the opportunity to really open it up for any distance but the change is significant. I still have about 1/2 tank of 87 octane fuel in it that I'll burn out in the next couple of days. It'll be interesting to see how much better it runs with the correct fuel.

Thanks to all who have posted on this subject and provided the information and knowledge that would normally not be available to most of us, Thanks also to Pelican for this board.

88 Guards Red Targa
Dansk Euro Pre -muffler
M&K 1 in 1 out muffler
Steve Wong chip

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