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Hi Steve,

It has been some time, but some while ago I installed the chip (the manual was very clear) , and have had my rides of fun with it. The car really has a better throttle response, more bottom power and in the upper ref regions you really feel the extra power the chip creates. Now my 964 feels again like my former 3.2 did with that extra kick in the 4000 to 6000 rpm region.

Thanks very much for the good delivery and the good preparation of the chip.

Rob Van Njen
93 964 - Netherlands

Wanted to give you the report on the new chip.

First, thank you for sending the chip out right away and for the excellent customer service. I would recommend anyone to you for a quality product and service.

Install was a breeze. Just followed your directions for the tricky parts and was done in no time at all (I took my time and did not calculate how long it took).

Now for test drive (which turned out to be a 2.5 hour Sunday drive). Performance on the car was up across the board. Hardly any hesitation, Smoother idle, torque felt higher and consistent across the rpm range. I did not hit high rpm's (highest was about 5K) but pull was noticeably improved. Highway driving is where I noticed the true improvements. For example, in 5th gear at speed (70-80), give it some throttle and she moves out with much improved speed and torque. I do not recall the car responding that way before the new chip. The car performed great in town also. I wish I made this move to your chip years ago. As I have seen it written, the car does wake up dramatically with the chip. It feels as if you were driving around a partially plugged muffler or catalytic converter before the new chip. It seems your chip has made a more efficient engine.

Thanks again for a great honest product. So far this was a great purchase for the car. I wish I could say that for all the items I have purchased for the car over the years.

Kevin M. H.
89 Carrera

I have a 91 cab C4 which is triple black. Everything I have done so far is engine and suspension performance upgrades. Start with the Steve Wong chip, you will be very happy! He makes a very nice performance chip that quite frankly IMO is the best choice for my car. I bought the G pipe that eliminates the secondary muffler, and a straight through cat by pass that really gives it sound and grunt.

Don Wells
seattle is a great place to own a convertible....polish it in your garage when it rains!

91 964 C4


FWIW, I too have installed Steve's chip and I too am completely satisfied with the chip and Steve's knowledge and customer service. I have the Dansk premuff and sport exhaust and the chip just gave the car a nice kick in the butt. I don't care what it dyno's at, it doesn't ping, get hotter than normal, eat anymore gas, or cuzz me when I step on it. But it does get up and go more/quicker than it did. No problems noted here. Sounds to me like a happy customer Loren. Give it a shot you might be surprised.
Dan T
'85 Carrera

I was at Pelican and came across info about Steve W. I had put a Dansk premuffler and 1 in 2 out sport muffler on my 86 911. I had a Weltmeister chip in it. That chip is junk! Runs to rich at Idle( hard to pass smog) and was way too lean at top RPM. The car felt like it just ran out of steam at 5900RPM. Steve is a great guy and his chip is SO much better than I had. Chips alone won't give you a lot of HP, maybe 15 at best. Now my car pulls hard all the way to red line and is a nice improvement. Next project is a MAF from ProM. That should be another nice improvement and I'll dyno the car at that point and post results.


Hi Steve
I got the chip yesterday, installed it last night.† I put my Dansk pre-muffler on this weekend also.† I'm impressed with the chip and the pre-muffler !!†

I have a lot more low end hmph and seem to get up to redline (ok, not redline, but close to it) a lot quicker than I used to.†† My 'bucking' at low speed/low rpm is gone as well.† I can honestly say that I do feel a difference with chip and pre-muffler.† I did take it for a short drive w/ just the premuffler and the chip definitely improved performance.
My Dansk muffler is on back-order, but I expect an additional small performance gain from the increased exhaust flow it will allow (along with some needed 'sports car noise'!!!)




Originally posted by Jeremy964
BTW I thought it was common knowledge that Porsche delivered a detuned motronic system to cater to the lowest common denominator...


Jeremy...I couldnít agree with you more. I have used chips, piggy backing and programming modifications on various makes and models of cars. Without a doubt...Porsche has the most detuned programming I have ever witnessed!

I challenged Steveís programming skills.
He hit a home run as far as I am concerned.
Prior to programming I was embarrassed to even use the term, "throttle response", in the same sentence with my '87.
The car is now a joy to drive!

Matthew D.
'87 Carrera Coupe
Guards Red/Cold A/C
PCA Member

MAN, O MAN!!! I can't believe it but I think this other chip produces more power than the original chip. Either that or I'm way too excited when I drive the 911. I put in the new chip and just did a 20 minute run and it was incredible. I don't remember the RPMs shooting so high so fast before on my 911 and the power felt instantaneous.

Am I just too enthused about these chips or did you do something with the new chip to make squeeze out more power? I think I could sum it up like this, the original chip produced more power while still being civilized. This second chip though feels more... for lack of a better word, "brutal" but in a good way. More raw and un restrained... exactly what a race car should feel like.

Can you back up any of these observations or did you give me a placebo? heh heh heh

PS- Also, I did notice that the popping and cracking sound that came from my muffler/exhaust before I installed your chip went away.

'84 Euro Carrera Cabriolet - Slate Blue

I received my chip from Steve last week and you are going to love the differance. My engine now idles perfectly and runs much smoother. Oh yeah, the added power is very noticeable.

Thomas Roux
Ice Green '77 Targa w/ 964 3.6

Gruppe B #78

I have been running Steve's chips in my car for two years now and very happy with them. He knows the DME setup better than anyone I know and is one of the nicest guys there is to work with.


Just another testimonial for Steve W's chip. I put one in my stock 85 coupe last month and it made a Huge difference in performance....the seat of the pants variety. Along with the new Bilsteins JW installed, the chip has been the best addition to my car by far. MUCH zippier around more "Carrera lag" and she pulls like hell! No predetonation. Best money Iíve spent period. Thanks Steve.

Marc B.
'85 Carrera



Saw the post on Pelican...i think i need to get me†a custom chip too : )† I am not too fond of the Europroducts chip that came with the car.Noticed 2 things.† First the idle is high at 1050 or so.† With the Europroducts chip, the power is pretty flat across the entire†range with no noticeable spike.† Is this pretty consistent with your observations?

I have a Euro Pre Muffler (off an old SC)

Dansk Single in Dual out 84mm tips
Swiss Cheese Airbox†

Otherwise, all stock.




I installed the chip. WOW, it is great! I love it!

88 Carrera

Hi Steve,

This might seam odd, at least it do to me but I have only been a proffesional in computers for some 20 years now, so what do I know J.

When I mounted your chip last week I had the DME out of the car for approximately 30-40 minutes before reinstalling it, as I understand this will be enough to reset the box. The power increase did not impress on me. For other reasons I had the battery disconnected for 6 hours yesterday and when I after that took the car for a spin after that it felt like I had some 50 new horses kicking in my car. This is a very big improvement and I didnít think that this kind of improvement was possible in a non overcharged engine!

Technically I donít believe that I have 50 new horsepower but it certainly feels that way. The engine is now so much more responsible both in low and high register and itís real joy to drive. I canít say that it was especially boring to drive before the chip either but it is a big difference with the new chip and the engine wasnít that smooth when I accelerated.

Best regards


86 Carrera - Sweden


I also just installed a Steve W chip in my stock 85 Coupe...kept the factory rev limit intact. Fantastic difference! The "lag" is gone...the car spools up much more quickly....MUCH zippier around town....the car "feels" much lighter and much more nimble....highly recommended! Thanks Steve.

Hey Steve,

Got the chip installed! My car must have been a real pig. The throttle response and overall feel/torque seems to be greatly improved, more than I have ever gotten from anyoneís chip. Certainly more than the projected torque and hp increase would dictate. Got up to operating temp and made numerous full throttle runs with and without A/C, bumping the rev limiter that kicked in at 6500 on my tach. Prior to programming I was bumping the rev at a registered 6250 rpm. I didnít experience any detonation but ambient temp had cooled to 90 degrees at 50% humidity. I will give you some feedback in the next couple of days. When temps get back to normal.

Hi Steve,
Drove 225 miles today in combination, stop and go, hwy and spirited hwy driving. It was 98F with a heat index of 110F. Pretty darn humid. Lots WOT runs through the gears. Topped out 4th numerous times. Never got an opportunity to bury 5th. Ran with the A/C on all day. Oil temp from just slightly over the first hash mark to the 9:00 position. Didnít get any detonation! :-)

I wrote Steve the note (see above) about replacing an Autothority chip with Steve's custom chip. As I said in my note, there are noticeable performance improvements in the low and mid-range RPMs. Overall, I am very pleased with Steve's custom chip. His "customer service" is world class.

I have a K&N cone air intake system and Dansk euro pre-muffler and SS sport muffler (one in, one out w/84MM outlet). I have my idle CO set at 3.2% using the Gunson CO Tester. Here in the mid-Atlantic we have ample access to 93 and 94 octane gas; I use Sunoco 94.

I talking with Steve, his custom chip and my intake/exhaust system set up should get my 3.2 ltr. engine close to the euro spec engine's output of 231 HP. I have never had my car on a dyno, so I do not have any empirical proof on which to base my assumption.

Thanks again Steve. No relation, just a satisfied customer.


Steve W put a chip in my 1986 Carrera and then I put on a Dansk pre-muffler that I purchased from Pelican. The big increase came from Steveís chip. The Dansk pre-muffler made it a little more powerful but the biggest increase came right after I drove away from Steveís place. The price for a Steve W chip is a great deal. It is well worth the money $230. to perk up the power. The Dansk pre-muffler and new bolts and nuts and gaskets from Pelican, $400. delivered. I took it to a muffler shop and they put the pipe in for $45. This was a week later, so I know what I was feeling. Steve W chip, great deal, Dansk pre-muffler was a bit of bread for not that much bang. Over all, the car is much faster and as I keep driving it. I find the rear 245 Goodyear F1s spin much more in left turns from a light than before. The power is as people have posted. I am not going to put it on a dyno but the numbers must be higher. Thanks Steve.

Steve W chip--another convert

I had Steve W install one of his modified chips in my '86 911 this past weekend, and like everyone else on this board, am very pleased with the results and the customer service. First off, my car is bone stock, except for a Flowmaster muffler. The new chip was definitely noticeable during my 'test run'. It gives immediate throttle response upon throttle opening. Again, like others mentioned, not a tire-burning increase, but a definite SNAP w/ acceleration.

"Wavey's" description in a previous post hit it right on the head. Steve was especially accommodating, and walked me thru the steps of removing the DME box and replacing the chip.

Right On, Steve!!

Mike W.

Just installed a Steve W chip after replacing the stock cat. and muffler with a Dansk Euro Pre-muffler and 70MM single outlet sport muffler. The SW chip definitely smoothed out the power delivery, what a difference. I have yet to really push the car but the driving I've done says the $$ were well spent.

Bill W.

'88 911 Cab; Red/Black


Steve W chip... WOW!

84 Targa has about 220K on it and has never been opened. It burns a bit of oil, but is a strong car.

Just put in a Steve W chip tuned for 93 and stock exhaust/intake.

this is easily the best $230 I have ever spent on the car, or nearly anything else, although there was that 3rd date dinner a few months ago...

I don't get the earlier 3K boost that I have seen in other posts, but from 4K on the car just rockets like it never has before, and the extra little bit of redline is appreciated!

Shaun B.

84 Targa
69 E
71 R/RS clone

hey Steve, got the chip, installed it. l took the car for a spin and it seems to really pull, coming up in first especially. One thing l did notice also was that my car reached operating temp a lot sooner then before I could attribute this to the very warm weather we have today though, or the fact that the "power box" fuel system unit l took off, and the ARC2,were making the car run WAY too rich, I donít know what l was thinking with that crap. itís pretty hard to fool the motronic into developing more horsepower by just adding more fuel. Anyhow l just wanted to touch base and double check on the chip. l know we went over this but l just wanted to confirm everything (arenít Porsche people detail oriented).my car : 1984 with headers/ bore t/body... mass flow conversion soon the polished intake runners. Basically similar to your car, right? So, my question is, when you remapped the chip what did you change and at what rpm? Like, for instance, the car really seems sharp at the upper end of the rev range pulling in first. What did you do there? That sort of thing. l seem to remember you stating that with the free flow exhaust you would enrich the mixture throughout the rev range to take advantage of that. Thanks in advance for any info you can give me on this Steve, and thanks for the chip........


aka raceman77

I highly recommend checking out some of the threads on Pelican regarding Steve W's chips. I'm not unbiased here, as I have one on my '88, but Steve really knows his stuff, and has taken the 'best of' maps. and the net result is a 'best of' customized chip. Steve's prices are very reasonable, and I've never heard of anyone who wasn't satisfied. One other customized chip is designed for a sport muffler, euro premuffler, and assumes 92 octane gas (or better). Even with all of this, the results are not 'earth shattering', but you can definitely tell a difference (...butt dyno) in the lower & mid-range rpms. I'm not sure a chip alone (regardless of source), is going to make that much of a noticeable difference.

I too have purchased a chip from Steve W. Very nice guy with great customer service. I had a Weltmeister chip in my 86 too rich at idle and way to lean at upper revs. Engine ran out of steam at 5800. I put Steve's chip in and it pulled hard to red line and was a nice improvement. Cost was $170 cheaper than Autothority. You won't get a lot of HP from chips maybe 15hp. Your not going to lose 7 HP by adding SSI and a chip. Dyno testing is the only way to know exactly how much your making with the improvements.

Just installed a Steve W chip after replacing the stock cat. and muffler with a Dansk Euro Pre-muffler and 70MM single outlet sport muffler. The SW chip definitely smoothed out the power delivery, what a difference. I have yet to really push the car but the driving I've done says the $$ were well spent.

Bill W.
'88 911 Cab; Red/Black

I was an early..or "somewhat early" user of Steve's chips and have been very satisfied with the one he burned for me to accommodate my mild mods. Good friend of mine was also convinced to buy one too and his car had SSI's and a 28 pin chip whereas mine had a premuffler and a 24 pin chip. Both cars are 85's ...and we're both very pleased with the results.
I had intended to dyno my car since the mods. As a baseline, my 85 had dyno'd before the chip at 200 rear wheel hp ( fairly stock these are good numbers)...before I added the Euro premuffler and Steve's chip. Here's where dyno number can be misleading. If it's an inertial dyno, the car is in 3rd or 4th gear and a rolling start at 3000 rpm is measured at full throttle until you go past 6000 or 6500 rpm. The increase in drum rotation speed with respect to time is a direct torque read out which then gets mathematically related to HP. This test says NOTHING about part throttle response which Steve's chip improves by a considerable amount.

So although i think I'd be getting 216 rear wheel hp or really doesn't matter as it's at least as strong as before with a much fatter mid range torque and much better "tip-in" throttle response, either from idle or in mid range.
A home run......runs fairly cool at track conditions too, and I was worried about this. Richer running = cooler but more advance curve = hotter so I didn't know which one would win. Well, even here it runs no hotter than before for DE days at the Glen.



Don't waste time looking for a "magical' inexpensive power improvement. The BEST chip out there is one from Steve W. No chip is going to give you substantial power increases but Steve's helps the 911 idle smoother, rev quicker, pull longer, and generally run better. Spend the money and get the results.


Ben P.



Hi Steve,
Put the chip in today....about 10 minutes after I got the mail. :) Excellent change in around town driving. I haven't had a chance to really get on it but 2nd gear accel. from 3K was great. My car used to have sort of surgy acceleration. Now it's seems to accel. quicker and smoother....alot smoother. Also, cruising at 3K was nice and smooth. My car wasn't too sergy at 3K but did have some serginess. Rock steady now. I'd post something on PP but that one post finally died so might be better to let it go. Thanks for the great chip!!

Thanks, Don

Hello Steve,
Just received and installed the chip you sent and I have to tell you that I am more than pleased.† Like all your other rave reviews, I experienced all the same improvements.† My Targa just plain runs better - much more drivable lower in the rpm range.† Thanks again.

-Randy M

87 Carrera


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