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For Sale: Weltmeister performance chip

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Chip-24 pin 87 Carerra
I have a Weltmeister performance chip for an 87 Carrera with the 24 pin DME. Better than stock but not as good as a Steve W chip. $95 and I will ship to the Great 48. Pay pal OK.


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Will the chip work in an 89 Carrera? Also, what is better about the Steve W chip?


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No Rossi, It will not work in an 89 because you have the 28 pin chip. I have a Steve W chip in my 911 and it made so much more power that it will break the rear tires loose if you are not careful. If you are looking for more USABLE power, get a SW chip, Dansk cat bypass, and Dansk sport muffler. Probably cost about $800 if you put it on yourself. BIG BIG difference and much better driveability.


Hi Steve!

Now sober again from the Oktoberfest, i´ve extensively tested Your part load maps, it´s really impressive! On wet streets it´s hard to leave my garage without power-oversteering ;-) I also could not hear any pre-detonations, and the fuel consumption seems to be about 5-10% lower than stock. I don´t know if it would make me faster on the track or at Auto-X because of the steep torque-gradient, but for cruising in high gears it´s definitively better than the stock.

B.A. - Motronics division - BMW M-GmbH
1989 911 Carrera (930/25)



Dyno Results!! 3.2 Race Exhaust system!!! Stock Motor
Well, I just returned from the Dyno(Dynojet)....Wow. Here's the configuration;
1. Cone air filter.
2. 1.5" ID Headers.
3. Custom Designed restrictors with Coast/Burns mufflers.
4. Steve W. Chip.
5. Otherwise stock Carrera motor with 76K from factory. No other mods!! Engine internals have not been touched!

213.6RWHP!!!!(252+/- at the crank!)
192.0 torque(ft/lbs.)(225ft/lbs. at the crank!)

I'll post the graphs once they are e-mailed to me...Scary...

J Archard 1972 911E Stock
1987 911 Carrera PCA E Prepared
"German Beer is chemical free, Germany's alright by me."


Chip and exhaust install...WOW!!!
OK, it goes like this. I installed my Dansk SS pre-muffler today....thanks Kurt, along with a Dansk SS Sport muffler w/ single 84mm tip, thanks Pelican. Hardest part was removing the old bolts and nuts...thanks Dremel.

So, then we decide to install my Steve W chip, (93 octane). The install went as smooth as glass. Everything was clearly written and explained in the instructions, took about 45 min even with vacuuming under the seat.

So...then it's time to take her out for her first spin. Even though it was a little wet in some spots due to snow a few days ago I decide to go out.

She starts up and is as smooth as a baby's butt, idled better than stock.



The car flat out screams like a banshee, right up to 6200, I could have gone a little more but I am trying to control myself.

All I can say is all you nay sayers and non belivers REPENT for Steve W is the Messiah (pardon me any religious types)

Steve, absolutley FANTASTIC!!! Imperical data my A$$. I've got all the imperical data I need, right in the seat of my pants! I nearly scared the crap out of my son a few times and he's used to going fast.

And it sound great too! Throatier than stock but not offensive.

Nuff said, no mas, that's it, finito, basta, fin, end of friggin works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also ran it with no exhaust and did a little water misting into the intake. Not alot of black stuff at all, but it really drove the nieghbors nuts, and sounds so good with open exhaust.

Mike S. - '85 M491 911 Dansk pre muffler Sport Exhaust, Steve W 93 oct Chip
'65 912 (Greta) "For Sale"
'72 "German Look" SuperBeetle
'00 VW New Beetle 1.8T
'02 Explorer support vehicle
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I have been a forum "lurker" for over a year and purchased my 88 Carrera last October. I recently installed a Dansk pre muffler and a Monty two in one out.

Drove this for several weeks and noted more throttle response and smoother idling. Today I installed a Steve W. chip. Steve made it for the above modifications, 93 octane and raised the redline to 6850. When we took the old chip out we found it to be an Autothority chip (911.020.200.20). No one understands why it has what appears to be a Porsche parts number. The chip must be at least 10 years old (PO didn't know he had one).

In my opinion Steve's chip made a dramatic improvement in acceleration and throttle response. I have not been able to really test it above 3d gear yet. It REALLY moves between 1st and third up to 80mph!

Thanks Steve!

Ben F.
1988 Carrera Targa


Well I see the flame still hasn't extingushed. Steve just got the chip installed today and its dead nuts on for what I wanted smooth accelaration from idle, strong mid range linear acceleration and it sounds like ripping sheet from 4000- to the stock 6550 red line/ limiter. I am very satisfied, just hope my local supply of 93 octane lasts. Loren dyno sheet are to sit at the bar and brag about, seat of the pants changes are what we really want anyhow..emotions, feelings, the rush!!

Keith E. - 87 slant nose carrera wide body cabriolet
wichita region PCA tech advisor and safety chairman



Inserted the new chip and the car started right up. Drove the car to work with no issues. I did notice a significant 'push' when the car was accelerated hard. What a rush! Thanks for the quick turnaround.


Patrick K.


FWIW and I am a technophobe, my car is completely changed by the SW chip. The car is awesome now, where it was sluggish and lazy before. 2000 miles since fitting the chip. No worries here.

Mark S. - "Understeer is the sign of the Devil"

1984 Ur quattro turbo (Black)
1989 911 R.O.W. Carrera Targa Sport (Black)

Anyway, about the chip. It was federalized in the U.S. with a U.S. DME which reduced it to about 200 hp. Our goal was to see if we could recover some of the 30 or so lost hp from the U. S. emissions changes that were lost from my 930/20 motor which has the 10.5:1 (I think) compression ratio. Steve took the time before I met him to "Interview" me about how I drove the car (mostly around LA which means lots of bumper-to-bumper traffic, that I wanted more power mostly for pulling on freeways, that I may, or may not, do a DE, and that for sure I'll run 91 octane fuel or better.

The new chip gives NOTICEABLY better low-mid level performance. Because I went camping for the weekend, I still haven't had a chance to totally try out the new chip, but after driving the car, I think I wrenched my shoulder reaching so quickly for my wallet. Steve was adament when we drove around LA that I make sure that I'm sure the chip made a difference, and that he didn't want me buying it for a placebo effect, or because I felt that I had to buy it since he spent some (alot of) time with me.


Hugh R

84 Targa
61 Aston Martin DB4
29 Rudge Whitworth Grand Prix Ulster

I've got a SteveW chip and cat bypass. I think it's totally worth the money. There are just not a lot of cheap upgrades for these cars, but this is one of them. Don't expect miracles, but there is a difference.

I don't think the power is up so much as the responsiveness and torque are better, especially in the low rev range. I find myself cruising around at lower RPMs. I did have the bypass pipe on without the chip for several months, and it is the chip making the difference. I did have the "more aggressive" of the two factory chips that Porsche put in the '88 cars to start with, so I'm probably seeing the least dramatic increase of anyone. But it was still worth it.

Colin K.
'88 911 Targa Red/Black, Koni Sports, 17" Cups, SteveW Chip

I got in my Steve W chip and I have been very pleased. The car runs smoother everywhere (even in warm up). I tell a real power boost from 3500 up. In third gear, the part throttle response is much improved. I highly recommend his products. No detonation apparent with 93 octane. My 84 just turned over 200K and is running better than ever!

I can highly recommend them, very pleased! The chip was a 84 with test pipe. I put in a 85 (with socket) box I had. FYI, the engine has 200K with no rebuild and normal oil consumption and no leaks/smoke, only a 911! I took it to a DE in Oct (at the new/magnificent Barber track) and it ran great. Can't wait to track it with the chip.

David W
'84 Carrera

Got my Chip today!
I just installed a Steve Wong Chip and went for a quick spin just before the next snow storm arrives. Here are some quick observations:

1) a smoother idle, no more 50 rpm hunt.

2) engine seems to "get on the cam" at a lower rpm.

3) a slight jerkyness in traffic is gone

The engine does seem quicker, although I haven't installed the euro premuffler yet, which the chip is set up for.

The chip is well worth $280 and I'm sure there will be more pleasant surprises when the cat comes off.

Thanks Steve!!!

John P
1987 Carrera Targa - 17K miles

U sent me a chip some months ago for my 88 ROW carrera.

I figured that for what its worth u may like to have some feedback.

I took me a while to get around to putting it in and I did it the same time as getting some suspension changes and adjusting the Wheel camber. Car was set up quite aggressively and the changes definitely made the car 'Roll" better so as always judging one change when there have been a couple made is probably not that scientific.

Anyway......My immediate reaction when first driving the car is that it gets through the gears better. It feels like it rev's alot freer and I think that I can notice a definite difference above 5000 rpm where there seems to be a increase on the power surge that I used to get.

Also seems to drive 'lighter' at lower RPMS around town with the motor and car not having that heavy any reluctant feel at Low RPM's. Obviously 1st gear is still a bit of a pig. Haven't noticed any pinging though I doubt I would hear it with the SSI's and exhaust. One thing that I swear has happened is that the car seems to have a more refined and smooth exhaust note at idle....

All up my summary is that it makes the car more drivable, with the obvious change being that the car is not as raw as before. Previously, since it was so sluggish down low the difference up high was a contrast. It has been a positive addition to the car.

Peter K
'88 Euro Carrera



Hi Steve, I just got the chip that you sent and put it in this evening. First, let me say that that was a very fast transaction! Thanks for sending it out so quickly. It is truly nice to deal with great people. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, what do  I think of the chip?  Well here goes. First let me say that I have not driven the car very hard yet as I had my son with me and I was doing my best to be a responsible parent! The car idles much smoother now. It used to "pop" a little bit when I came off the throttle or down shifted and It no longer does that.

It also used to surge a little at very light throttle while maintaining a constant speed in traffic in second or third gear and it no longer surges at all. That is a huge difference in itself!  The car feels stronger down low. Like I said I have not really stepped on it so I can not comment on the full throttle upper rev range at all but I am very impressed so far. The car even sounds better!  Your instructions are excellent, not that I needed them- I have owned 6 different 911s to date- so I know my way around them well.  I have spent a ton of money improving these cars over the years and have bad luck with other NAME BRAND chips- hence the fact that it took me 6 mos to convince myself to buy one!  Thank the Pelican members for helping to convince me.  Of all the thousands of dollars I have spent on brakes, suspension, light weight body work, exhaust, intake, tires you name it, your chip is by far the best money I have spent!  I think as long as people understand that they are not bolting on a turbo or a sc or increasing the displacement by 20% when they put a chip in, they will be very pleased with your product.  I only buy top quality parts for my upgrades and your chip definitely fits that description.  I will report back to you again if  you would like after I have wrung the car out a little more.

Feel free to give out my email address to any prospective customers who want some  first hand info.  I will be promoting your chip enthusiastically with the local Canada West Region of the PCA!
Cheers, Jeff A.

Langley, B.C. Canada



More Kudos for Steve W
I just wanted to post my impressions of a Steve W Chip for my 86 Carrera. I have SSIs and I believe a Bursch muffler but had a stock chip. I replaced the chip with Steve's custom chip for this setup and have been very impressed. Great mid-range torque, ultra smooth idle and she just screams up to 6850. I may be dynoing her in a few weeks and I will post the results.


I have a Steve Wong chip in my '84 Carrera. It replaced an Autothority chip about 6 months ago. The engine pulls stronger in the low and mid-ranges; marginally stronger above 6000. Just as a point of reference, I also have a cone air intake, a Dansk Euro Pre-Muffler and a Dansk Sport Muffler. Steve feels that with my set-up, my engine has about the same HP as the Euro-spec 3.2 Carreras.

Easy to install...Steve provides excellent instructions. Make sure you remove the negative battery cable before removing the DME box.

You do not need to remove the non-power seat...just slide it fully aft. I do not know about clearance issues with a power seat.

Overall, I am very satisfied with Steve's custom chips. For the price, you can't beat it!



I put a SteveW chip in my '86 about 3 months ago. And MarcA just put one in his 3.2-engined '77.

We're both very happy, but I must say Marc's light car + SSI exhaust really flies. Marc's has a pronounce bump in zing as you cross 4500 rpm. Mine does something similar, but with my heavy car and stock heat exchangers, it isn't quite as impressive. It does run much smoother throughout the rev range and has a rock-solid idle.

One more thing... SteveW is happy to tailor the chip to your mods and the quality of gas you use.

-- John
'86 911 Coupe



IMHO, Steve is the only way to go if you want to chip the car. All of the other chips are cookie cutter, ie every '84 gets the same chip, etc. In addition, Steve will not increase the rev limiter above the Club Sport limiter which is 6800 (stock is 6520) unless you specifically ask him. Autoauthority chip goes to 7k which will eventually cause rod bold failure in the 3.2.

Steve's chip basically tunes the air fuel mixture and timing taking into account the fuel and other mods, if any, to a point that Porsche would not, and could not do.

I have given the car a pretty good work out and have not detected any knocking or pinging, at the high end of the rev range or when loading up the engine at the lower Rs.

Just remember . . . . you will need a roll bar to track that thing



Hi all:

I'm new to this forum but I can definitely endorse SteveW chips!

I was always envious of the Euro 911 CS's because you guys had the stock 231hp while we were stuck with approx 217hp. After talking to Steve Darnell and others over here I decided to opt for Steve's chip, Dansk Euro pre-muffler, Borla muffler and K&N filter - now I'm up to 243hp (with 91 octane) and loving it! Now I just have to pass the smog inspection in April - may have to do some retrofit.




I ordered a chip from Steve W. the beginning of December. I was not able to install the chip until last Thursday night. The previous owner and myself went out for a test ride. The po has owned the car for the last 12 years. We did our test runs and I went to the shop, pulled the motronic out of the car. Looked at the bottom and realized that it had already been opened up before. Opened it and found a Autothority chip. The po did not know about the chip. So this chip was installed sometime prior to 1992. It is a 1988 911 Commemorative edition. Installed the new chip. I drove the car alone and noticed two changes. First it was stronger from 4500 to 5800 rpm range and the sound was significantly different beginning at 4500 rpm. Took the car back and picked up the po and had him drive it. I didn't share what I felt about the changes in the car. His comments were almost identical as my impressions. Remember he has owned the car for 12 years and knows the car well. Next day I called Steve and talked about the difference in the chips. If only every business had customer service like SteveW. I was considering returning the chip before talking to Steve, after, I am keeping this since the chip has more safety margin built in for bad gas, poor engine tune than the Autothority with timing advance of up to 33 degrees and a redline of 7040 rpm. I feel thet the safety margin that Steve has on his chip helps protect against bad gas and marginal engine tune. There was not significant difference in performance but I noticed a difference and the change in sound to a throaty growl only makes me smile more. I also had read all the posts about how it was the placebo affect that Lorenfb claims is the reason so many have noticed a difference in their cars. I will not say that there is more HP or torgue but I notice the difference and thats what counts to me.

Michael O.

88 CE Diamond Blue Carrera


Hi Steve
I got the chip yesterday, installed it last night. I put my Dansk pre-muffler on this weekend also. I'm impressed with the chip and the pre-muffler !!

I have alot more low end hmph and seem to get up to redline (ok, not redline, but close to it) alot quicker than I used to. My 'bucking' at low speed/low rpm is gone as well. I can honestly say that I do feel a difference with chip and pre-muffler. I did take it for a short drive w/ just the premuffler and the chip definitely improved performance. My Dansk muffler is on back-order, but I expect an additional small performance gain from the increased exhaust flow it will allow (along with some needed 'sports car noise'!!!)

My many thanks !!!!!
ps - I have been comparing notes w/ a fellow Pelicanite about the Ebay chips. I'm wondering if I can refer him to you for a chip ?

thanks again !!

I second no third the suggestion to contact Steve W. He stands behind his chips 100% and his prices are very competitive. I'm more than happy with the results I got with one of his chips.

Chris T.
'75 911s 3.2

Love my chip. Steve is a first class business man too.

84 Targa

yep - Steve W's chips are the real deal.

Just installed one in my '87, definitely a difference in engine performance. I can't say the power increase is dramatic or that noticeable on an otherwise stock setup, but the engine runs better. The car feels stronger in the lower power band, seems to launch at lower rpm's, accelerates more smoothly, decelerates much much more smoothly, idles better, and makes downshifting to 1st at slow speeds less necessary.

Randy M.
'87 911 Targa

ditto for Steve...awesome improvement on my 85...I imagine the early Carreras may notice more improvement however...but give him a call.

64 356C Cabriolet
85 Carrera Coupe


84-86 model year wil see the best improvment as Porsche was a little conservative on their mapping, great throttle respose with Steve's chip .
Make sure ALL the pins are in the slots when you reinstall the new chip ( ask me how I know) my car ran like shizt until I discovered one small pin hanging out of the connector


77 911 S targa 3.2
Gruppe B #077


Go with a Steve W chip. I've tried a weltmasher Chip and the SteveW
Chip. With the Steve W Chip you will notice a more linear torque curve
and a much more stable idle. Vote Steve W for California Governor



Originally posted by Brett@pcc
After considering all the feedback and weighing my choices...I've opted to go with Steve thanks for making it simple everyone!

Not so fast! You haven't heard my opinion.
Go with Steve W's chip.

Dan M.
85 Targa 911


I got one of Steve's chip, and I have to say it works great and all the above posts are true, yet don't forgot to mention that he will listen to what you want, and even after you get the chip he helped with my many install Q's

1988 911 Carrera. Silver.



I installed one of steve's chips and was real happy with it,What does he do? He found a way to improve on his chip, and sends me the improved edition to install all at HIS cost. You don't have to tell me about steve w. Who else would do such a thing? Needless to say I've got one sweet running 3.2


-89 Carrera



With the stock chip in my 86 it had a noticable flat spot in the torque curve and some surging. I put Steve's chip in my 86. It pulls harder and those faults described above went away. It did not take a dyno to feel it. Trust me on that. I suppose I could have spent about the same amount on some open style air intake, gain a few HP and lot of impressive intake noise. You get tired of that pretty quick.

1986 911 Coupe - Black (Named Inky)


Steve W is certainly the one to work with. I tried another chip with bad results. Talking to Steve, he put together a chip specifically suiting my needs . . . He put quite a bit of effort and time in with me on the phone. Where else could you get that level of competence -- and dedication

86 cpe



I just got Steve W's chip last week, and love it.(see my thread on Pelican board). Not sure what he can do for Euro model, but shoot him an email--he's always very responsive.

'86 coupe

Why so much scrutiny over such a small $$ mod?

Steve's chip was the best mod I ever made to my car.

It's not like you are dumping $500 on a mod that may or may not work. Ridiculous...dyno, no dyno, it's whatever works best for you and your car.

The seat does not need to be removed and if you don't have to solder in a socket the first time, takes all of about 10 minutes to change in or out.

The results are outstanding, I know my car and it has more HP. Not just seat of the pants. Steve was also the first to make me realize that mods need to happen as a complete system...chip, intake, by-pass, exhaust etc. Just doing one will not yield all of your potential gains and may actually decrease HP.

My car never idled so smooth or pulled so hard in all gears. First gear has almost become useless with the added HP, it is simply too short and I can't shift fast enough into second to keep up with the revs.

You cannot go wrong with Steve's many others have said before.

-Jeff K.

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