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Sell the wife, sell the kids, sell a kidney!

What you really need is a Steve Wong chip for your ECU.(911Chips)
WOW what a difference from the previous 'Super-Chip', much more midrange grunt and a vastly improved idle. Also cured the 'hunting and jerking' when the cruise is trying to keep it down to 29mph!

He programmed the chip to take into account the K&N filter, SSI heat exchangers and Dansk twin outlet sport exhaust running on 95 octane unleaded. Best value for money improvement I've done to the car in a long time.

Jonathan Lester Clayton
89 Euro/ROW Carrera



Installed Wong chip...amazing! What's the "California" brown wire do?
I've been considering the Wong chip since I bought my '89 Carerra coupe almost a year ago, but I'm very sceptical by nature. I pulled the trigger recently figuring I could just return the chip. I just installed the chip, and all I can say is WOW what a difference!!! My car had flat spots throughout acceleration which I thought were due to a worn air-flow sensor or O2 sensor (my car has 140K+ miles), but the Wong chip cured it of that, the difference is simply amazing.

Thrilled with the chip...thanks Steve!



Thanks Steve Wong!!

I recently sold my 87' Carrera to a dealer, removing the Steve Wong Chip and Euro style premuffler prior to delivery (both have been sold to fellow Pelicans). On the drive down, I noted that the engine had become flabby and unresponsive below 4000 rpm and in general didn't really want to rev at all. It felt like it just lost about 50 hp, even though the real loss was more like 15. But who knows, I may have been just imagining the loss of this improvement, right Loren?

My advice; Get the SW chip and Euro premuffler, it's by far the best improvement you can make to your Carrera!
1987 Carrera Targa gone..


Might I kindly suggest that you inquire about drivability & throttle response when asking for feedback about chips

Dyno's only measure performance at wide-open throttle,........they don't show anything about the above qualities in software and we spend a LOT more time at part throttle, than full throttle.

Remember, you don't drive a dyno so they are not the best precursor for determining which chips are better than others,

Steve Wong's chips are very well done.
Steve Weiner
Rennsport Systems



Thought you might be interested in the difference made by the chip you recently sent me for my 1987 3.2 Carrera, this increased the power from 223 to 244 hp, as well as improving the drivability of the car through smoother power delivery. I have attached the dyno charts for your information blue is the after red the before.


Paul Starkey
Operations Director
87 Euro/ROW Carrera




I recently installed a Dansk euro-pre muffler and a M&K 1 in and 1 out on my 88 Carrera along with a chip from 911 chips . There has been a significant improvement in overall performance and drivability especially in the lower Rpm ranges (which is where you gotta drive in town).

I love the sound of the M&K, its not very loud in the car at all, but you can here me coming from a long ways off.

Most of the performance gain will come from the chip, the exhaust will help a little, but the most bang for the buck is the chip


88 Carrera



Do your exhaust upgrade and then ask SW to burn you a custom chip for whatever exhaust/intake/octane/etc. you plan on running.

Autothority is an off the rack suit - SW chip is a tailored affair. Can't wait to see myself flamed for that bit.
Jorian D
87' Carmine Red Carrera



Loren is disturbed; plain and simple.

It's plain he's pretty good at fixing electonic components, but that's about it.

Wil rode all over him with his well measured posts, speaking to the degree of change which is likely to cause danger to an engine's longevity. Loren's got basically no response.

SW stepped in and told us that Loren's been selling chips for years. Loren's got no response except a blatant denial and a pointer to another thread where he disputes some of Steve's claims.

He's not really bannable at this point. He's just... psycho.

Is it really worth listening to him anymore?

Go back to soldering Loren. That's a good lad.

Silver 87 Sunroof



If you do a chip, I'd suggest a cat bypass pipe as well. As for the chip, Steve Wong's chips are great in my opinion. I had Steve do a custom chip for my 87 (with MAF) and he was able to gain 9 RWHP over the one chip fits all Autothority chip. Plus the torque is a little better and the curve is flatter.
If you do a chip, Steve's chips are the way to go.




i liked hes chip very......... It beats now 265hp tt no problem........Before it was not the case. Its gr8 improvment and it makes me happy.....
"88" carrera
"02" tt roadster (wife) sold



I got with Steve Wong 4-5 years ago and he made me a chip for my 3.2 engine. Noticeable difference in the feeling and power of the chip versus the stock one. Was also just as clean on emissions and if I kept my foot out of it the fuel mileage was just as good.

I would prefer to work with someone like Steve as he can tailor make something for me versus buying one from a catalog. As well Steve is "one of us" and would prefer to support him over a large company.

Joe A
1985 911 Targa backdated to 72RS bodywork



Judging by the seat of the pants, 40 hp is the gain.
Why did Porsche leave so much on the table?
Any thoughts?




I got the chip in the mail today. I fitted it and I have to say I can instantly feel that the car has more power.  The top end is magnificent and the car pushes me into the seat and hauls ASS!!!
Needless to say I am VERY pleased.  It sounds alittle louder but I am not sure if that all in my head.  Although I did imagine the throttle response o be a tiny bit better.. however perhaps it was my driving today.. too high a gear.
Open airbox and the muffler bypass makes my car great.  Thanks so much for you great product.
I would like to take you up with your offer of a remap once I have my car on a rolling dyno with the airflow meter readout.
I just want to makes sure I am getting everything I can from my car and also I would be happy to get a 2nd dyno done and send the results to you for your records and incase another customer has a similar setup.
Kind and HAppy Regards


87 Euro/ROW Carrera


My milage varies a lot.
16 mpg stop 'n go city driving, shifting at 4K.
27 mpg pure hiway @ 80mph.
'87 Carrera 3.2 with S. Wong chip.
1987 Guards Red Carrera Targa



Hi Steve

The chip arrived earlier this week, thanks for the prompt response.

I fitted it this morning with few hassles. I was a bit concerned at
first to see that the DME had been opened before. I was half expecting
to see one of your chips already in place! But no, it was the stock
standard chip.

I took the car for a short run along the freeway. On starting the car
the first thing I noticed was smoother idling. The next was the
consistant power through acceleration. I'm not sure, but I think the car
even sounded better.

I'm waiting until the weather improves before I get out for a longer
run, but, so far so good.

By the way, I normally run the car on 96 Octane but one gas chain here
offers 98. What would you recommend for the chip you supplied?

Tony Maxwell

87 Euro/ROW Carrera



SW chip. Don't waste the $ on the K&N, it's not going to make any difference.
But.......oh yeah......chip it and you shall see!
'85 M491 911 Dansk pre muffler Sport Exhaust, Steve W 93 oct Chip



For fear of starting another chip thread (LOL) I just wanted to say that I too just installed my new steve wong chip in my 88' and wow what a difference it made.
The PO had installed an Autothority chip (I was never real happy w/it compared to a stock chip), and I have read so much about Steve's chips for so long now,that I finally went and got one. I had some LM-1 logfiles to show Steve on what the other chip was doing and how my car was running...well he took it from there and WOW what a difference.
1988 911 coupe (GP white)
SSI's and MB911's muffler,H4s,Steve Wong chip. WEVO short shifter,W/more upgrades coming.



I've had both and Steve's mastery is above the rest. Don't think just do it and you will never look back.

Keith Epperly 87 slant
nose trubo look carrera cabriolet



SSI's are good, but are too small for a 3.2.

The exhaust ports on a 3.2 are 38mm. SSI's are only 35mm.

Either go with a Euro pre-muffler in place of the cat, and a sport muffler, or a cat bypass pipe and a sport muffler. Either of these will be easily reversible if you need to smog it.

If you don't have to smog, then a B&B or GHL header system with heat, and a custom muffler will bring the best performance.

On my own car, I installed 993 heat exchangers and ran them into an SC muffler, then added a second outlet. Sounds amazing, and the torque and throttle response are night and day. I need to get Steve Wong to burn me a new chip to take advantage of the new exhaust. I'm currently running one that he burned me for the old system with a bypass pipe.

Don't bother with a mass airflow sensor unless you want to run some very aggressive cams that the flapper box airflow meter won't tolerate. It's not much bang for the buck, and can hurt driveability if it's not tuned correctly.
Tyson Schmidt

"Evil"-Gruppe member #001
'69 911E(vil) coupe' 3.2 "Scrappy"

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