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I did a major service on a 86 carrera, with a dansk muffler and stock air filter(programed w/o oxy).... I was so amazed by the different feel than all of my other customers cars. Big increase on low to mid end power... If you are looking for a chip, SW is my recommedation..



I'm really not sure why so many assumptions are being made about Steve Wong chips.

Everyone is ASSUMING that he bumps the ignition maps up significantly. This is just not the case. He does play with the ignition curve. . I can't get into too much detail, because I don't want to give away any of his trade secrets. But I have had him explain everything to me in great detail, and I have a pretty good B.S. meter.

He has definitely taken all factors into account, and I have the utmost faith in his product. If I didn't, I wouldn't be beating on my 3.2 at the track with one of his chips. In fact, I'm afraid to track my 3.2 without one of his chips, because I worry about improper mixture at high rpm with the stock chip and my exhaust changes.

Steve has cracked the code on the DME, and in the process, has discovered a few things that most people are not aware of. That's all I'll say.
Tyson Schmidt



Another Satisfied Customer
I just installed my Steve Wong chip this morning, and I am more than satisfied with the results.

Although my a$$ is not calibrated, or tracible to NIST, the chip install resulted in the complete elimination of the lackluster 2K-3K rpm spin-up of the motor. Engine idles smoothly and pulls consistently throughout the RPM range. So far, this is the best giddy-up mod performed to date.

The chip is coupled with a Dansk pre-muff, and a Dansk, one in, two out sport muffler.

Thank you for an excellent product, and all the technical support, which you have given so freely.

Get busy living, or get busy dying...
87 911 Factory Turbo-Look Cab



I just finished 2200 miles going up the California, Oregon and Washington Coast with my wife and light luggage. I checked the mileage almost every tank. The worst was 22 MPG and the best was almost 26 MPG. I was not driving real hard and was taking in the scenery most of the time but I did have my moments of excitement.

I'm sure the Steve Wong chip and SSI's helped.
Paul S
84 Carrera



Chips and emissions test
Yesterday I brought my 85 in for the yearly inspection here in New York with the car fitted with a Dansk cat-bypass, new O2 sensor, Steve W. 93 octane chip and freeflow muffler. The car failed with the following readings.
Limits: HC-0.80 gpm CO- 15.00 gpm NOx- 2.00 gpm
Readings HC-0.93 CO- 6.99 NOx- 2.07

I then went home and installed the original cat which is 20 yrs old and left the 93 chip in with the exhaust and passed with the following results.

HC-0.48 CO- 3.74 NOx- 1.86

The chip obviously had NO adverse effect on the smog/emissions
Test in my circumstance. It was an under varying loads dyno type test by the way. I know there have been threads saying the chips hinder passing the tests but I didn't see that at all.
Just thought I'd share that and my complete satisfaction with the SW 93 chip with everyone, especially with the chip "doubters" out there.

Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand!
Gordon Ost


I just received my SW chip. Oh boy is my car fast now. Interestingly, there is a 709 serial number on it? Where are the 708 blown up engines? It sounds different with the chip too. More metallic and air-cooled. It no longer has the classic surge of power at 4K. It just pulls strong and hard at every RPM. I’ll post a video soon, it's silly great.

Although there is no way for me to know how aggressive the timing map is compared to stock, I am not worried. The bottom line is we are trusting the chip programmer, in my case Steve Wong. I have never seen a negative post of an actual customer.

88' Porsche 911 Targa (Guards Red)



For power, I highly recomend a SW chip, exhaust and cat bypass. You won't believe how much faster these 3 upgrades make a 3.2!
Avon Gil
88' Porsche 911 Targa (Guards Red)



I upgraded my exhaust, (Dansk dual out and Euro- Premuffler). and left the stock chip for a while. I wasn't too impressed. , Then I put an Autohority chip on it and got more power (I think this chip runs fuel rich all times) but still I had lots of problems with idle speed. Then ordered S.Wongs Chip and that hit the nail. He sold me the optimized version for 93 octane fuel and that definitely made a difference. After that I still though that the top end speed could be improved and I did not like the smell on the exhaust with the premuffler. So I bough a GHL high flow Catalytic converter.

To make the story short that was the last time a messed with my exhaust, I love the setup and S. Wong Chip put your pants on the seat after you hit 4K RPMs.

Just to give you some input. Others may think different but I am just speaking from personal experience from my own experiments.

86 - 911 Carrera 3.2



he did a custom chip for my 3.6. great job, totally worth it, and he is a cool guy on top of it.
James Shira
1972 RS Cab 3.6 "Scruffy"



Vmax, I just installed a Steve W. chip in my 84 cab last week and it is an amazing difference. The car is much more responsive especially at lower revs. The best $300 I've spent so far. I wouldn't think of any other chip than Steve's.

Have fun.


I installed a Steve Wong chip in my 87 Carrera prior to heading on a bit of a road trip last week. The much-maligned (or maybe somewhat maligned) Mr. Wong has good product in my opinion.

While I think that many people who install this type of upgrade have high expectations and therefore might imagine an HP gain that is not really there, I still believe Wong’s' chip is an improvement over the stock unit.

I don't feel alot of new power but the torque curve is definately flatter and the car runs very smoothly to redline. My basically stock 3.2 feels more willing throughout the rev range whereas prior to the chip swap it ran a bit rougher in spots. A friend who has driven my car a fair bit asked if I had "tuned it up or something." Do I have any technical data, Dyno numbers, Peer-Reviewed texts? Nope. Just my amateur seat of the pants observations. This should tick a few people off.

Prior to install I was already running SSI's and a Dansk 2 in 1 out muffler.

Just my anecdotal impressions........ Let the flogging begin.

Jorian D
87' Carmine Red Carrera




As a lurker on many Porsche fora (sp?) I thought it of value to offer an opinion on the work Steve Wong has done for the Porsche Club Great Britain 911 Carrera Club Sport register.

Although only comprising ~50 cars, we sought out to work with someone totally trustworthy on re-mapping / optimising the DME on the Euro-CS's.

We arrived at Steve out based on the postings on this and other sites.

His work has been faultless.

Of course, I have made a couple of howling errors in my reporting, but Steve just soldiered on regardless (like he seems to have for others)

We are now at the stage that if anyone in the UK in the Porsche world cries " which chip tuner" we always answer:- "Steve Wong" and this also goes for standard 3.2's (almost identical motor)

Work continues on optimising the settings for my car, but many (very critical) racers and track day afficianados are very satisfied with the results so far.

Furthermore, I have made sure that hitherto unavailable information from leading fuel suppliers will be passed unfiltered to Steve as part of his quest to keep pushing the boundaries for the 3.2 motor and his work in general.

Well done Steve - thanks


More kudos for Steve W and dyno sheets

Dyno'd my car today with a custom chip from Steve W. As expected it worked great. In addition to some WOT performance gains, what doesn't show on the chart is overall driveability. Car runs as smooth or better in all rpms as it did with the stock air meter. Cold start, idle, everything is perfect.
Also, here are some dyno sheets from different engine configs, stock to today. Posted more for future searches than debate. They give some rough estimates on HP/TQ gains from stock. Internally the motor is a stock 3.2L, G50 tranny, any mods are listed on the dyno sheets.
The Autothority chip ran really rich. Proper A/F was my main reason with getting a custom chip from Steve W.
I've read where the MAF's are hard to tune. Unless mine is one of the lucky ones, I disagree. Mine was pretty much plug and play. I had some of my own wiring issues but once I got all the wires hooked up, I set the MAF to the factory ohm reading of 2800 and it ran great. Even with the stock chip, it ran pretty good, just too rich. With Steve's chip, it runs great at all rpms.

Thanks Steve. Great Job!



The Steve Wong Experience

About a 16 months ago I purchased a chip fom SW for my 3.2.
Prior to shipping, Steve and I discussed the engine mods and he came up with a suitable application. A week or so later the chip arrived together with instructions on how to modify the DME to accept a 4K chip. The 4K chip allows the tuner more map points in both fuel and ignition maps.
The chip was installed and the car ran great. At the same time I had replaced the plugs with a gap of 0.9 mm. Thinking more is better, I figured the .9 gap would create a huge spark; WRONG!
Well, the gap created a wonderful break-up @ 6000 rpm; rocket scientist that I am, I contacted Steve stating the car was pinging. In less than a week another chip arrived with a reduction in timing for that rpm range. The break up still occurred, but less frequently. At this point Steve had a feeling it was something else and asked if I could get some AFR readings, either from a dyno or LM1.
Being a bit on the frugal side (cheap) I held off on both requests.
Occaisionally during a 6-8 month period I would contact Steve and try to figure out what was causing this break up; Steve politely asked: "do you have any AFR readings?"
Well, I didn't.
Guys, Steve's an amazingly patient person, at this point any normal vendor would've just blown me off until the required data was supplied.
Thanks to the great people of this forum, the break up was traced to the large plug gap. Then I broke down and bought the LM1 and sent Steve what he had been asking me for 6 months.
A week later the modified chip arrives and the damn thing is spot on at 12.8-13.0 @ WOT through out the whole rpm range.
Needless to say I'm extremely impressed with Steve's work and more importantly his patience.

Thanks Steve.




Steve Wong can modify the chip based upon the upgrades that you have on you car. Exhaust manufacturers claim varied HP gains for exhaust components. A muffler change will do little headers and muffler will add some. I put a B&B header and dual exhaust on my 84 probably8 years ago. I like it except for the horrible resonating drone at 2600-2800 RPM. Would not put any system on again without hearing it in another car first. Take a look AND listen at a Dansk setup. I would not give up my Steve Wong chip for anyone and suggest you don't buy anyone elses. You can drill out your stock air box as posted here and pelican in the past. No need or gain with a reusable filter and intake pipe.
An "Expert" in absolutely nothing more than my own opinions
Extremely Proud Charter RennList Member
1984 Carrera 3.2



Hi Steve: Well, I have been using my 911chips chip for two weeks now and I can report that almost everything promissed, has been a reality.  It runs great, with a very stable idle between 900 and 920 RPMs ( the difference being if the A/C is on or off). In normal driving conditions, the motor seems smoother than before, and above 3000 RPMs the whole combination of free flow K&N cone filter, the B&B header/muffler, the Webcams 20/21 camshafts and the chip, make for a very different animal. It just accelerates very strong, carrying the rush in a very linear way, and "waking up" at around 4200 RPMs whre it starts to go like a rocket all the way up to 6200 RPMs. I cannot measure the exact increase in HP or torque as there is no DINO in Panama, but I did test it against a friends stock carrera before and after and the results are reassuring. Before, in a straight piece of road, we just went head to head. After, once my car gets into the powerband, it just pulls away from the stock car with authority. As you can see, I am very satisfied with the end results. Thanks for a great product.

Alexis Arjona



Steve.  I've had the chip installed for some time now and I wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with it.  The drivability improvement is impressive as well as part throttle response.Thank you for a fantastic product.

Marc Caramuta
Satisfied Customer



Steve,Just wanted to let you know your chip arrived and I installed it in my stock US spec '84 cabrio yesterday. It took about half an hour with the help of a friend and proper tools.I don't think I'll need to have this one dyno'ed - I can feel the improved throttle response and torque through the whole rev range and a big surge from about 4500 rpm onwards - just like the Euro spec cars if not stronger.  The sound is better as well.  All I need to do now is adjust the idle speed as it went from about 900 rpm to about 1100 (as noted in your instructions).   I still haven't collected the 84 targa from Eurotech up in Massachusetts (weather), but am looking forward to that. many thanks,Russell



My dad put the Steve Wong chip in today and it runs quite a bit better. The idle is night and day difference. I don't know if it is as fast as before but he swears it is faster. The previous chip turned out to be aftermarket though we can't tell who made it. It just had a plain black sticker on it and was made in S Korea. I think it was a little more aggressive myself. But it did not run nearly as smooth. I liked the raw race car feeling myself, but Steve makes a much more useable and livable chip. Unfortunately I hadn't driven it in a while so I cannot accurately compare the two on speed or acceleration. But I do remember it being real quirky before even dying on me at idle sometimes and dumping a little black smoke when you really got on it. That is now gone.



Steve and his chip rocks. I had to swap back to the stock chip for a week and was having widthdrawls.

My name is alf and i am a wongaholic.
Alfred Tan
88 Carrera Coupe



I just had a BB exhaust and Steve Wong chip installed in my 88 Targa. I was hoping for 200 rwhp, and I put it on the dyno at Pro Technik in Houston and got the following results...228 RWHP and 201 Torque. What really impressed Sam Shalala at Pro Technik was the flat torque curve between 5k and 6k rpms. I went into the dyno pretty pessimistic due to some of the posts I had read on Pelican, but I am a believer now. Again, the only mods to this engine are a K&N filter, BB headers with cat bypass and muffler, and a S. Wong chip. It's enough for me. Now to the track....
I can definitely feel the difference....I asked on the racing forum whether it was possible to get a power oversteer with a rear-engined 911, because I could not previously....well I sure as hell can now.

Mark Schusterman.



I have a Wong chip in my car tuned for an '86 with SSI's, dual in single out muffler, and 94 octane gas (Sunoco). My car has never pinged in hot or cold temepratures and never hunts for idle as it did previously. With that said, the PO had an Authority chip in the the DME before I replaced it with Steve's chip.

I'm not an opponent or proponent of performance chips, but from my experience Steve's chip was a big improvement over the Authority chip. I'm sure the stock chip is as good but I don't have one to compare with my Wong chip.



I have a Steve Wong chip and am most pleased.

As for regular chips, the new Lay's Stax that are a Pringle's knock off seem to work well at the wheel of the Porsche as well, easy to dump out while one hand is one the wheel.
'84 Carrera Coupe

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