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SWChips is fully dedicated to providing you the best chip available for your Porsche by customizing each chip to your car's configuration.  If requesting information, use the form to below to provide the necessary information about your 911, and your preferences, and a response will be provided to you shortly.  If requesting an order, please provide your shipping address.

Please note, this form is for information requests or feedback only. If are trying order a chip, please go directly to the Products page


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Most chips are $495.00 plus $6 shipping and handling, $12 outside of the U.S. Payment may be made by credit card, check, money order, or Paypal. To send check or money order, please provide your order and payment to the address below. Lead time is immediate, and usually shipped out by the following day. For further information, contact


3417 Andrita Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065
tel: (323) 819-0722
fax: (424) 262-2212


Custom configurations available upon request, including special situations such as non-stock camshafts, lightweight flywheels, intake modifications such as ExtrudeHoning and bored throttle bodies, MAF, custom rev limiters, displacement increases, compression changes, twin plug conversions, and 100+ octane race fuel. Air/fuel ratio optimization based on the AFR readouts of your dyno sheets are also available. For these options, a personal consultation may be necessary with fees for custom programming services ranging from $625 to $795. Live dyno tuning and mapping services available from $950 up per session.



SWCHIPS • 3417 Andrita Street • Los Angeles, CA 90065 • tel: (323) 819-0722 • fax: (424) 262-2212