Front Strut Brace - 89-98 964/993

Hard cornering causes the front shock towers to spread, reducing tire camber and produces chassis flex. By tying your front shock towers together, the towers are locked and front negative camber is maintained, stiffening the front end, improving cornering response, and maintaining optimum tire contact. Each 1.0 mm deflection of the top of your strut towers under cornering loads results in a 0.1 degree loss of negative camber from your front tires, reducing front end traction and increasing understeer. Porsche installed a strut brace in all their versions of the 964 and 993 RS, CS, and Cup cars for this very purpose. Bolts easily in and out in a few minutes to the existing strut tower bolts. End sections are CNC precision machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum for a solid, zero flex support. The center crossmember is highly polished providing an attractive contrast to the light grey anodized end sections. Adjustable ends allow precise preloading. Threads ends are machined in counterrotation of the opposite side, so fine adjustments, or the dialing in of additional strut tower camber can be achieved by rotating the center crossmember. Fits directly above the recess of the fuel tank and behind trunk carpet, or above if you so choose.

Note: The factory strut studs that protrude into the trunk are very short. End section mounting base is of precise thickness - same as original factory bars - to allow full protrusion of factory studs to the fastening nuts, yet retain proper structural strength. Beware of excessively thick mounting bases of other strut braces that do not allow full threading of strut studs after installation. End section footprint will also allow aftermarket monoball/camberplate installations without interference.

At a scant 1 lb, 10 oz, this handcrafted bar is the lightest available and easily best other bars which weigh in as much as 15 lbs. Modeled directly after and improved upon the original and overpriced Porsche Motorsport RS braces. The factory 964 RS and Cups used crude and heavy steel uprights, while the 993 GT2/RS/CS/Cups used weaker cast aluminum risers. Ours are precision machined from a solid billet of high strength aircraft aluminum - it is the best strut bar for the 964/993 ever made - period. See reference photos below:

In stock - limited availability.


Factory 964 RS/Cup brace with heavy welded and painted steel uprights

NLA Factory 993 GT2/RS/CS/Cup with weaker cast aluminum uprights


Our strut brace below, superior in strength, weight and finish. Fits all 964s and 993s from '90 to '98.


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89-98 Strut bar - fits 964/993

Billet alluminum front strut bar for '90-98 964s and 993s


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*Installation photos courtesy of Donald Plumley


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